The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection to showcase at SAFW

African creative entrepreneur, fashion designer and performing artist, Liz-Ogumbo-Regisford, is set to showcase The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection tonight at the South African Fashion Week (SAFW).

The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection is a classic collection of well-tailored quality denim worked on collaboratively by Liz Ogumbo & Eji Benson (New York), exhausting the best of two worlds; The Liz Ogumbo style aesthetic and production development through Ennui NYC via Fashion Lab Africa.

This denim collection employs wardrobe versatility through the variety of styles available in this collection while Liz flirts with a variety of different colours, textures and styles.

Liz Ogumbo is set to debut a runway mash up of her easy-listening “indie” track ‘Denimania,’ produced by Xander Pratt strictly for the runway tonight. DeniMania will be available on her new album; KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter.

Denim Collection South African Fashion Week (SAFW)

This denim line is curated from a carefully selected variety of denim made to suit different body types and lifestyles. The focus on excellent tailoring and craftsmanship to achieve classic cuts means careful consideration goes into how each garment finally fits, bringing to life one-of-a-kind appeal through a timeless, yet unique denim collection.

High-Waisted slim tailored denim pants and shorts, collared-shirts, front-slit skirts, playsuits, classic-fitted tailored wide-leg pants and bralettes are some of the highlights throughout this denim collection.

The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection employs a few shades of blue, a variety of textures through the laundry process and silhouettes that promise the idea of bringing back denim classism to a whole new level.

Generally, Liz Ogumbo’s clothing is recognised for its whimsical flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness through influences from her music background and African culture. This denim Collection is an extension of her style aesthetic transferred to denim #play and her fashion brand still retails for less than her competitors.

Make sure to make your way to Sandton City this evening to catch The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection show at 6pm at the Sandton City roof top or check her social media accounts for announcements.

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