Jozi’s next big Hip-hop star

Meet Vizo, a young Hip-Hop Artist of many talents

Vizo is a young hip hop artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa previously known as BigG.T. Mid year 2015 he changed his name for branding because almost everywhere he goes, he finds a BigG.T

His music journey started in 2004 when him and a group of friends were rapping around a tape recorder and at that moment he just realised that he’s found his calling.

Without a doubt, Vizo’s mom, Mmafatima Mary Maketsi played and still plays a huge role in Vizo’s life

His daily motivation is his dearly mother. She has managed to raise a man all by herself. She’s a strong woman and being able to provide for her like she did for Vizo is his biggest motivation. It doesn’t end there, his inspiration again without question is his mother Mmafatima Mary Maketsi. Growing up she provided all of his needs she’s strong willed and she’s never easily shaken.

“I’m going to host a listening session for my upcoming mixtape Vizo’s Way. Venue still to be confirmed with our latest business partners, all I can say for sure is that it will be in and around Johannesburg. So I will definitely perform a few of my songs there” Vizo says.

He’s currently working on his third mixtape titled Vizo’s Way, which will be available on November 20th. What makes this day even more special is that the release will be on his mother’s birthday. But before that, he’s planning to release his single titled “What you asked for” which will be available for downloads/purchase on

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