TV highlights for Rhino Blog for the week August 14 to 20

Rhino Blog : The world’s rhinos are in trouble and award-winning wildlife television presenter Bonné de Bod is on a quest to find out why and more importantly, what’s being done.

RHINO BLOG – Rhino Orphans in Kruger
Tuesday, August 15, at 10.54 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
It is estimated that three rhinos die every day in South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park due to the escalation in poaching for rhino horn. With so many rhinos being killed, it’s no wonder that the orphan count is high. Rhino babies don’t leave their mother’s side, and this means they will die from dehydration in the heat or they will be eaten by predators like hyenas and lions.  Presenter Bonné de Bod finds out what happens when a carcass is spotted and how the park responds to taking in an orphaned calf.

Wednesday, August 16, at 10.53 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
The saying “the wheels of justice turn slowly” couldn’t be truer than here in Africa. Presenter Bonne de Bod explores the criminal justice system where rhinos are voiceless but where brave state prosecutors are speaking for them. Poaching a rhino in South Africa where rhinos are classified as property has, up until now, not been a serious crime.  Recent linkages of illegal rhino horn trade to large international syndicates has now brought attention to crimes against rhinos, with the government focusing on this as a priority crime.  Bonné sits in court where the large syndicate gangs appear as well as the poor and illiterate poachers from Mozambique.

RHINO BLOG: Kruger National Park Helicopters
Saturday, August 19, at 10.45 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
In wartime, air superiority wins… and with this in mind the national parks of South Africa have boosted their helicopter air fleet by an additional two helicopters with the recent generous donation of $25-million from American philanthropist Howard Buffet. Presenter Bonné de Boid has spent considerable time inside the helicopters over the years as she has seen them assist vets with darting predators, search for missing African wild dogs, assisting with game captures for scientific research as well as their recent new role of providing air support in anti-poaching operations. De Bod gets to see the new helicopters in action.

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