Uyanda Mbuli finds her name in local tabloids

Uyanda Mbuli found her name in local tabloids earlier in 2017 when it was alleged that she was in a love triangle with Joyce Molamu and an unnamed boyfriend.

The story was first reported in the Sunday World shortly before it emerged that Mbuli and Molamu were taking each other to court. The TV presenter first opened a case of Defamation and Crimen Injuria against Fikile Mbalula’s reported ex, before Molamu retaliated with a fresh lawsuit of her own.

Mbuli has decided to come out into the open and set the record straight for anybody who might be in doubt about where she stands in this story:

“When I got my lawyers involved to contact her and send an official letter. Ms Molamu acknowledged my lawyers’ call and promised to send them her e-mail address and her lawyer’s e-mail address which she never did. I sent her the PDF version of the letter via text. Ms Molamu has not sent me an apology nor acknowledged the damage she has done to my name by the public humiliation of her Facebook post,”

She took to social media to clear her name once and for all:

Meanwhile, the reality TV star will be appearing in court to defend herself from Molamu’s claims in front of a judge.

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