Vuyiswa 's rape nightmare

Vuyiswa ‘s rape nightmare continues [The Queen]

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Imagine going from one side of the table – crime fighter – to the complete opposite – rape victim. This is Vuyiswa Jola-Maake’s reality as she tries to come to terms with the recent rape that she suffered at the hands of a yet to be apprehended man. The once confident, no-nonsense policewoman now refers to herself as “broken.”

Schumacher steps up Ben 10 game

During a girl talk, Mpho asked Siyanda for tips on how to keep Schumacher happy. Because gold diggers look out for one another, Siyanda suggested that Mpho buy Schumacher a car. Imagine that, a whole entire car, not even a little go cart. Siyanda really went for the jugular there.

Schumacher has leached off Harriet’s brother, Kgosi. He had a fling with Kea before hooking up with Gracious, his most lucrative catch. She gave him a Mercedes Benz, an expensive watch and money to launch Schumie’s Trucks. But when Gracious caught him cheating on her with Prince, she stripped him of everything she had given him. Mjekejeke reminded his friend of this chequered part of his life.

What happens when Mpho takes everything away from you, asked Mjakes.

Schumacher should have been the happiest man in Television Land but, even with the keys to a brand new car and R100,000 business startup money from Mpho, he wore a sullen face. The one thing that kept pingponging against the inside of his skull was his financial security. What happens if Mpho and I break up?

To avoid a repeat of the Gracious breakup which left him penniless and sleeping on Mjekejeke’s sofa, Schumacher took bold steps to up his gold digging game. When Mpho suggested that the two of them buy a house – read Mpho buys a house – he asked her to make him joint owner. For further security he planned a hasty marriage.

Using he R20,000 that Mpho gave him to buy new tyres for his old skorokoro, Schumacher went and bought an engagement ring. After accepting an invitation to dinner with the Sebatas, Schumacher dropped to his knee and proposed, right under the horrified gaze of Thando and Hector. When a breathless Mpho said yes, Thando got up and walked out in disgust, possibly to find a receptable for the food she was about to vomit. If the brand new car that Mpho bought for him made Thando’s blood boil, then she was probably on the verge of having a stroke after the marriage proposal.

Vuyiswa ’s rape nightmare

Now that the rape of Vuyiswa is public knowledge in Tembisa, an investigation began. Several women, inspired by Vuyiswa’s confession, also came forward to report similar abuse. But when they found out their hero had quit the police force, they refused to give statements to Georgina and Hector. They were only willing to speak to Lieutenant Maake. Only she understands what they went through.

Concerned about the stagnation in the rape cases, Georgina talked Vuyiswa into taking back her old job. After initially refusing, Vuyiswa returned to Tembisa Police station. She had one demand; that she be given the rape cases. Hector was concerned that Vuyiswa was not yet ready for a case whose details may trigger an emotional meltdown. Vuyiswa insisted and Sebata capitulated. But the station commander was proved correct when Vuyiswa did have emotional struggles. During an interview with a rape victim, all she could think of was her own ordeal.

However, there was some progress towards healing for Vuyiswa. The denial phase, when she locked herself in her room, is well and truly over. But a conversation with Georgina led to a blowup during which Vuyiswa blamed her friend for causing the rape.

“I told you I didn’t want to go out that night and you pushed me! I told you I wanted to carry my gun but you told me not to! You’re responsible!”

The anger stage.

And then came Vuyiswa’s rape nightmare – literally.

Harriet sacrifices herself for gender justice

Harriet Khoza owes her life to Jerry Maake. It is only fitting that Harriet, I mean Connie Ferguson sacrifices her role on The Queen for matters of higher importance. The week ended with only Brutus and Shaka making a very brief appearance at Khoza Trucking. Besides that, the Khozas did not appear on the show, presumably to allow the ongoing Vuyiswa rape case to get the spotlight during November, the month traditionally reserved for activism against gender based violence.

Kudos to Ferguson Films.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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