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Watch Mzekezeke says he won’t take off mask

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Kwaito artist Mzekezeke, who is believed to be DJ Sbu, says he won’t take off his mask and wants to take his brand abroad. 

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Mzekezeke, whose real name is Zakhele from Tembisa says the mask will never be off as it is his signature. The Kwaito star is popularly known by his trademark mask and orange overall.

Speaking to SunBuzz, the popular masked-man said he feels like he won’t be Mzekezeke anymore if he takes off his mask.

“I will never take it off trust me; have you ever seen Spider man with their mask off. This is a legacy I am building for my brand and people must just get used to it,” he told Daily Sun.

He went on to say that the truth is anyone can be Mzekezeke. He is just like a fictional superhero, there will be someone to carry my character’s legacy to the next generation. 

The star, who recently released single tilted Nay Lento alongside Siya Shezi, was recently denied access into the SABC after not removing balaclava.

Mzekezeke, also teamed up with DJ Sbu whom people think it’s him to start their own record label called Done Deal Records.

Watch the video below:

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