Pearl Thusi breaks down

Watch: Pearl Thusi breaks down during emotional speech

South African actress and TV personality Pearl Thusi broke down in tears during her speech at The Mercury Women’s Day lunch held at the at the Durban International Convention Centre last week Friday.

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In the video posted by The Mecury, Pearl Thusi told the audience her experience of gender based violence saying, as a teenager, she swore never to marry a black man because at the time, they were the only ones that she was exposed to and they were the reason she was able to witness women being abused…”Of course, now I know better but… as a child, I had made that decision.”

Watch the video below:

As quoted by Zalebs, Thusi continued and say: “So what I’m saying, by looking at my mother’s abuse and what I went through in particular… we need to stop comparing pain. Abuse is abuse, it needs to be nipped in the bud,” stated Thusi.

“… and I wish my father’s ignorance and even my mother’s long-suffering and patience didn’t normalize this behaviour for me.” – Pearl shared a story about what she went through with her first love and the man she fell in love with after him.

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