Love Drunk Ami Faku

Ami Faku Releases New Single “Love Drunk”

Ami Faku releases brand-new single titled ‘Love Drunk’. The song was written a year ago and it’s love driven. The song is about people getting too comfortable in their romantic relationships.

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“I would describe this song as being melodic, young and filled with a lot of emotions. The song somehow heals you because you know you’re not alone, someone else is going through it” – shares Ami Faku

‘Love Drunk’ is Ami Faku’s first solo English Pop release. The single is an anthemic Pop song about love, relationships and hardships. The emotional lyrics are layered over a melodic, energetic and bass-driven instrumental.

‘Love Drunk’ is already playlisted on big radio stations like YFM, 5FM, KFM & Heart FM.

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