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Sibanye Stillwater Learnership is a program offered in South Africa that provides training and education in the mining industry, particularly focused on blasting. It’s aimed at individuals who want to work in mines and offers a path to acquiring a Blasting Certificate for Schedule Mines

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About Sibanye Stillwater Learnership

Sibanye Stillwater offers learnerships in South Africa specifically designed to equip individuals with the skills and qualifications needed for a career in mining. These learnerships combine classroom learning with on-the-job training, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Here’s a breakdown of what Sibanye Stillwater learnerships typically involve:

  • Focus: They target both existing employees interested in upskilling and community members seeking to enter the mining industry.
  • Programs: Sibanye-Stillwater Academy, their in-house training facility, delivers these programs. The curriculum focuses on technical and vocational skills relevant to the mining sector.
  • Financial Support: Sibanye-Stillwater covers the cost of training for learners.
  • Examples: One specific learnership program is the Rock Breaker Learnership, which equips participants with the necessary skills and a Blasting Certificate to work in mines

Sibanye Stillwater Learnership Eligibility

To be eligible for a Sibanye-Stillwater learnership, you’ll typically need:

  • Minimum Qualification: A Grade 9 or equivalent NQF Level 1 educational certificate, often with Mathematics and English Communication being mandatory subjects.
  • Medical Fitness: You’ll need to pass a medical examination to ensure you’re fit for the physically demanding work in mines.

How To Apply For Sibanye Stillwater Learnership?

To apply for a Sibanye-Stillwater learnership, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Access the Sibanye-Stillwater Recruitment Portal:

2. Register and Create a Profile:

  • If you’re a new applicant, you’ll need to register and create a profile on the portal. This will allow you to save your information and track applications.

3. Find the Learnership Program:

  • Once logged in, explore the available positions. Look for listings mentioning “learnership” in the title or description.

4. Apply for the Specific Learnership:

  • When you find a relevant learnership program, thoroughly read through the description and requirements to ensure you meet the criteria.
  • If you qualify, proceed to apply for the specific learnership opening.

5. Prepare Your Application Materials:

  • The portal likely requires you to upload a CV and any other necessary documents, such as certified copies of your ID and relevant qualifications.
  • Make sure your CV is up-to-date and highlights any skills or experience that aligns with the learnership program.

6. Complete the Online Application:

  • The application process might involve answering job-specific questions or completing a qualifying questionnaire.

7. Submit Your Application:

  • Once you’ve uploaded all documents and completed the questionnaire, submit your complete application electronically through the portal.

By following these steps and carefully preparing your application, you’ll increase your chances of being considered for a Sibanye-Stillwater learnership program.

Sibanye Stillwater Learnership FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Sibanye Stillwater Learnership program:

What learnerships does Sibanye Stillwater offer?

Their main learnership currently advertised is for a Blasting Certificate.

Who can apply for the Learnership?

Generally, applicants require a Grade 12 certificate with good marks in English, Mathematics, and Physical Science. There may be residency requirements and a preference for those from the local community or for dependents of deceased employees.

Is there a university requirement?

Some learnerships may require university acceptance with a minimum APS score. (

How do I apply for the Learnership?

Sibanye-Stillwater uses an online portal for applications. You’ll likely need to submit a CV, certified copies of ID and qualifications, and proof of residence. (

What is the selection process like?

Shortlisted candidates may be called for interviews, psychometric assessments, and potentially medical examinations. Some learnerships may involve pre-screening or require a risk-based medical assessment at a Sibanye Stillwater Occupational Health Care Centre.

What happens after I apply?

The selection process can be competitive. If shortlisted, you’ll be contacted for further assessment stages.

Is the Learnership paid?

There is no official information available on whether the Learnership is paid.

How long is the Learnership program?

The program duration is not publicly available.

What does the Learnership program involve?

The program likely combines classroom learning with practical experience working at Sibanye-Stillwater mines.


The Sibanye Stillwater Learnership program offers a valuable opportunity to gain a Blasting Certificate and enter the mining industry, particularly for those interested in blasting operations. It combines classroom learning with practical experience, making it a well-rounded learning program.

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