Blood bath

Blood bath on The Queen

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With Vuyiswa drawing closer to finding her husband’s killer, Lieutenant Colonel Sebata gave the kill order, a blood bath was inevitable.

Regrettably, we were unable to give a recap two weeks ago. As such, this recap covers two weeks of The Queen.

Shaka avenges Kea’s death

Shaka had advised Harriet to stay away from the Maakes, after Jerry died trying to save her from Sebata’s aerial assault on the golf course. But Harriet, feeling guilty about Jerry taking a bullet for her, insisted on paying her respects. She should have listened to Shaka. Kea, returning home from her long baecation, joined the convoy of black SUVs that brought the Khozas to Jerry’s funeral. And boom, Kea’s vehicle exploded into a ball of flames.

Against Brutus’ advice, Shaka took it upon himself to go after the Sitholes, whom he thought were responsible. Skhumbuzo Dollar had been the Sitholes middleman for a peace treaty with the Khozas just before the golf course shooting. Shaka suspected that Dollar might know how to find the Sitholes. But Dollar was uncooperative. Shaka shot him in the leg, right there in a parking lot where anybody could have seen him. That’s how angry Shaka was, he didn’t care about jail. This was not the first time that Shaka had given Dollar a limp. In season one, Shaka broke Dollar’s leg. Led by the injured Dollar, Shaka went to Sithole’s home. There he shot Sithole and his guards.

“For Kea.”

But everyone, except the people on TV, knows that Shaka killed the wrong people.

Harriet has a meltdown

Harriet remained in her room, refusing to eat or bath. So much for Connie Body Care! Brutus brought in a sangoma to cleanse the home. The sangoma’s diagnosis? There is a dark cloud over this home. After the cleansing, Antoinette suggested bringing in a priest. Ntate Moruti was on his knees with hands held up in prayer when Harriet suddenly lost her mind. She took her gun and fired a warning shot before pistol whipping the clergyman. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

“Get out of my room!” Harriet screamed.

Eish – Harriet is going to hell for that. Fearing for his life and theirs, Brutus and Antoinette hastily dragged the unconscious reverend downstairs. A smaller nyana bribe was sufficient to make sure the dazed man of God kept his mouth shut about the assault. With so much corruption, even in the church, perhaps Harriet won’t be alone in hell.

Kagiso pours petrol onto the fire

Everyone knows that Kagiso is Harriet’s favourite. So nobody, absolutely nobody, expected Sgaqagqa to drive a knife into his mother’s heart. These are strange times we live in, not just for the coronavirus but the fact that Shaka, of all people, had to remind Kagiso to stand by his mother.

With Harriet already having suicidal thoughts, Kagiso told his mother that she should have died instead of Keabetswe. Because Harriet refused to leave the drug trade, Kagiso blames her for Kea getting blown up. So intense was Kagiso’s anger towards her that Harriet had a vivid dream in which her own son shot her in the heart.  Thank God it was just a dream because aye maahn, as Brutus said, we are tired of carrying coffins out of the Khoza mansion.

Harriet takes a blood bath

The Khozas thought their matriarch had finally snapped out of her funk when she instructed Antoinette to run her a hot bath and prepare Kea’s favourite meal for supper. She also asked not to be interrupted. With the family looking forward to the remembrance meal, Harriet stepped one foot after the other, fully dressed, into the bath tub. In her hand was a box cutter with its blade pushed out. Once in the bath, Harriet calmly slashed her wrist turning the water red.

Jaros messes up – again

When Vuyiswa began sniffing along the trail of Jerry’s killer, Sebata and Jaros framed her for the bombing of Kea Khoza. But the frame job cost Jaros his behind. Literally. The plan was for Jaros to sneak into her house and plant bomb making components ahead of a police search. But Vuyiswa arrived home and discovered Jaros. As he fled, she shot him in the bum cheek. Fortunately for Jaros, Vuyiswa had not seen his face.

During the planned search, a constable found the components and Sebata immediately read Vuyiswa her rights. It was the resulting limp (from the gunshot) that aroused Vuyiswa’s suspicions. Digging deeper, assisted by Georgina, Vuyiswa found a connection between the dead golf course gunman and Jaros. The shooter’s phone records also pointed to Jaros. She was getting close to Sebata. He gave the order for Jaros to take care of her, in the mafia sense. But this is a man who aimed for Harriet, killed Jerry Maake and Sthembiso Radebe, set a bomb for Harriet, blew up Kea. Was he going to get it right this time? Of course not. In a drive-by shooting, Jaros and his men shot Thato. Poor Vuyiswa. In just two weeks, she had seen two men she loves getting shot in front of her.


Award winning author, Jackie Phamotse publicly accused The Queen head writer, Phathutshedzo Makwarela or being “predictable.” Last week, Makwarela offered  critics like the opinionated Phamotse with further ammunition. Harriet slashing her wrists behind a locked door; we have seen that before on another Makwarela scripted show. Remember Andile Dikana attempting to take his life in similar circumstances on The River?. Fully clothed, knife, wrist, bath tub full of water.


Several characters on The Queen have simply ghosted us without any attempt at explaining their absence. How does a key actor such as Dingane Khoza simply vanish like soap at the bottom of a bath tub? Why does Warona not even rush to comfort Thato as he mourns Jerry?

The producers, Ferguson Films, had scored huge points with viewers when they brought back the much loved SK Khoza back to the show. But to kill off Dineo Langa’s character and ghost several characters reverses the gains made in restoring the faith of their fans. We demand explanations!

Congratulations to them for reaching 1000 episodes.

Till next week, my pen is capped




The Queen airs week days at 9:00pm on Mzansi Magic

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