The Queen finale ends in Khoza mansion gunfight

The Queen

The Queen has run for five thrilling seasons during which viewers have been served with action, intrigue and romance. But Friday’s episode was arguably the best since season one; anger, revenge, hatred, blood and explosions. All the ingredients to great television. Hector chooses peace From the moment the Khozas paid their respects after Mpho’s death, … Read more

Gunfire at the Khoza wedding [The Queen]

Gertrude invades the Khoza wedding

The scriptwriters of the Ferguson Films production, The Queen must be going for the Guinness world record for wedding sabotage. Jointly, the interracial, little-and-large duo of Phathu Mwkwarela and Gwydion Beynon has wrecked numerous wedding days on The Queen, Gomora and The River. So nobody, absolutely nobody, was surprised to hear gunfire rather than the … Read more

Double funeral as Baby Mvelo returns home

baby Mvelo returns home

No parent should ever have to bury their child, and this was the horror that kept viewers riveted to their television screens and drove umama ka Mvelo, Goodness Mabuza, to suicide. After a month of suspense, finally the baby Mvelo saga has reached its conclusion. Patronella helps Vuyiswa get her groove back Mpho Sebata – … Read more

Baby Mvelo kidnappers unmasked

Is that Baby Mvelo

Baby Mvelo Khoza has been missing for over two harrowing weeks during which her parents went to the brink on insanity, at least one of them did. In the last instalment of Rewind Mzansi, Goodness Mabuza (real name Zenande Mfenyana) had suffered a mental breakdown and shot at her baby daddy, Kagiso, whom she accused … Read more

Vuyiswa falls for husband’s killer [The Queen]

Vuyiswa falls for husband's killer

Vuyiswa has been a widow for seven months. In African society, too soon for her to move on. But in his will, Jerry gave Vuyiswa his blessings for her to move swiftly on without bothering for a mourning period. Remembering Jerry Maake, I find myself pondering the question; if your partner was run over by … Read more

Noma pays the price for snitching

Harriet takes aim at Noma

When a friend forgives you for stealing R10,000,000 you either have to be brave or stupid to betray them for a second time, and Noma Matshikiza (real name Brenda Ngxoli) must have been both daft and bold to cross the queen, Harriet Mathapelo Khoza. The world may have moved on from monarchies but even in … Read more

Scammer Solly arrested as Goodness survives accident

Solly arrested while Goodness beats coma

If there is a lesson to be learned from the story of Solly, it is this; all that glitters is not gold. Solly Masipa (real name Elliot Makhubo) cruised onto The Queen in a red Mercedes-Benz sports car which made women weak at the knees and his friend Jackal feel like a monumental failure. But … Read more

Congratulations Kagiso ubaba kaMvelo [The Queen]

Kagiso with baby Mvelo The Queen

In the last instalment of Rewind Mzansi, The Queen had ended on a cliff-hanger with Kagiso awaiting baby Mvelo’s DNA test results. When Sgaqagaqa finally took the test results letter from a wide eyed Shaka, he did not know that this was a major turning point in his relationship with Goodness. From rags to riches … Read more

Who’s the baby daddy, Goodness? [The Queen Mzansi]

Goodness Gracious put the gun down Harriet

Goodness Mabuza (real name Zenande Mfenyana) is back in Kagiso Khoza’s life. She did not make the journey back alone. When Goodness arrived with a baby in her arms, the obvious question was raised: who is the baby daddy? Solly disappears with thousands of Rands Solly arrived on The Queen in a sparkling Mercedes Benz … Read more