Casima makes her way to Hip Hop Heaven with release of debut single

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She might only be 23 years old, but artist Casima has already discovered how to Make A Way to hip hop royalty with the release of her first official single recently, which speaks exactly about what an unstoppable force she is as an artist.

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Casima says that Make A Way was inspired by a couple of events that took place in her life where people would try and discourage her, or make her feel that she was not worthy of being part of the music industry. “So the song is my response to them by stating that none of them can hold me back and I’ll break through all the boundaries that they set for me. Nothing they do or say can stop me anymore,” she says.

She adds that the message of the song is therefore to simply believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and “not letting anyone come in the way of that”.

Casima says that the style of music that she is doing right now is commercial hip hop, making music for both sexes in the 15 to 30 age bracket. She however adds: “I’m very ambitious though and motivated, and nothing comes as a challenge for me. I can work with people from different genres of music; I’ve done R&B, Trap Soul, Gospel, Rap and I’m still looking to do more because as a musician I love everything that comes with music.”

It was back in 2012 that Casima’s music career first took off when she started working with Authentic Nation. “We hosted our own shows and gained a lot of experience while performing and recording. Then in 2015, I decided I wanted to go solo. I started recording solo mixtapes and released a couple of great tracks that made a lot of waves where I’m from. This year, I released an EP with three songs – one with 808x, one with JayP and then another with Nas as well.”

Currently Casima is busy with promotion of this EP, “STAA VS CASIMA”, off which Make A Way has been released as a single. “I’m also planning on recording an album next year. My dream for my career is to see myself become one of the best recording artists from Africa and making waves all over the world. I want to make music that is so good that everyone can relate to and vibe with it,” she enthuses.

Make A Way can be listened on YouTube below:

Parental warning
Explicit lyrics

From a small town called Brits to walking the road towards stardom

Casima was born (25 February 1996) in the township of Brits called Letlhabile. After completing her matric year in 2014, she stayed at home for a year in order to figure out what her next step would be. “I then got a job at the nearest mall at some restaurant as a cashier where I worked for about three years. Last year I decided to quit my job in order to do music full time,” she shares.

She describes himself as a real go getter; “when I want something I work hard for it until I achieve it. And I won’t stop until I do just that!”. She adds further: “I never give up on what I believe in. I always learn from my mistakes and when I fall, I make sure I get up ten times stronger than I was before.”

Although not married, Casima is in a relationship and the proud mother of a one year old son.

She concludes: “The legacy that I would like to leave behind one day is that of courage and faith, and that it inspired the youth of Africa. They should be courageous and believe in what they ought to be and to never allow failure to decide a future for them. Rather, let failure be a lesson, motivation and a second chance to achieve greater things in life. Anything is possible…work hard, pray hard and dream big! Just look at me, dreams do come true.”

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