DPSA Vacancies Circular 16 Of 2024

DPSA Vacancies Circular 16 Of 2024 has been released. Looking for a government job? The Department of Public Service and Administration publishes a weekly vacancy circular (except in December) listing openings across various departments. While they distribute this information, they aren’t responsible for the specifics of each position. For details and application instructions, be sure to contact the department advertising the job that interests you.

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) Vacancy Circular 16 of 2024 is available online. Here’s how you can access it:

  • Visit the DPSA website: https://www.dpsa.gov.za/newsroom/psvc/
  • Navigate to the “Newsroom” section.
  • Click on “Public service vacancy circular”.
  • Look for “Latest PSV circulars” and find “Circular 16 of 2024”.
  • Click on “Circular 16 of 2024” to view the full document which includes a list of vacancies in various government departments.

The document will provide details on the positions available, including:

  • Department advertising the vacancy
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Reference number
  • Requirements and responsibilities
  • Application instructions and closing date

DPSA Vacancies Circular 16 Of 2024

DPSA Circular 16 of 2024

Posting Date: 10 May 2024
Full Document: Circular 16 (click here to view the full document)
WhatsApp Channel: DPSA Vacancy Circular

Directions: Click on the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section

National Departments

Basic Education
National School of Government
Water and Sanitation

Provincial Administration

Kwazulu Natal
Western Cape

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