facebook user controls for political ads

Facebook announces expanded user controls for political ads

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New features will allow people to see fewer political and social issue ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook has announced that they are updating their Ad Library to increase the level of transparency it provides for people and giving them more control over the ads they see.

The Ad Library is a unique tool to shine a light on political and social issue ads — a public archive that allows people to see all the ads politicians and campaigns are running on Facebook and Instagram and those that have run in the past. This is an important step in making political ads more transparent and advertisers more accountable: the public can see every ad served to anyone in an easily searchable database.

They first launched the Ad Library in May 2018 and over the past several months we have spoken to dozens of political campaigns, activists, NGOs, nonprofits and volunteers about our policies for political ads. Two themes they heard were that first, people want more transparency over who is using ads to try to influence voters and second, they want more control over the ads they see. So today, they are announcing a number of updates to do just that.

  • View audience size in the Ad Library
  • Better Ad Library search and filtering
  • Control over Custom Audiences from a list
  • See fewer political ads

The expanded transparency features will roll out in the first quarter of 2020 and will apply in all countries where they facilitate “Paid for by” disclaimers on ads. Facebook plans to deploy the political ads control starting in the US early this summer, eventually expanding this preference to more locations.

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