Faith Nketsi graces the latest cover of Batswadi Magazine

Reality TV star and entrepreneur, Faith Nketsi, graces the latest cover of Batswadi Magazine with her 1-year-old daughter Sky, where she shares her motherhood journey in this exclusive cover feature.

Faith Nketsi opens up about her healthy co-parenting relationship with Sky’s father, her parenting style, aspirations for her daughter and more.

“I just didn’t think I could love so much. I have unlocked a different level of love that I didn’t think was possible. But also, being responsible for something so precious brings with it its own fears. I care about her so much, I worry about her so much, and I overthink. Motherhood has made life not about me anymore,” shares Faith Nketsi.

Faith Nketsi Batswadi Magazine

It’s evident that becoming a mother has profoundly changed Faith’s perspective on life. She now prioritises her daughter’s well-being above everything else, recognising the responsibility and fears that come with nurturing such a precious life. Faith acknowledges that motherhood has shifted her focus from herself to her daughter, leading her to live a more paced and structured life.

Batswadi Magazine Faith Nketsi

“In the past, everything has generally revolved around me — what I want and what I need — but now Sky came and switched everything around,” reveals Faith Nketsi.

Faith Nketsi’s journey into motherhood has transformed her in profound ways, enriching her life and giving her a newfound sense of purpose and fulfilment.

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