ForexMbali Launches a New Online Academy for Africans Interested in Online Trading

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A company based in South Africa, aims to make online trading more accessible than ever before by providing, comprehensive FX training for a fraction of the price.

Mbalenhle Mabuse the founder of, says that Africans have turned to alternative sources of income to provide for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, most of the institutions that offer FX training, are far too costly for the average individual, which creates a huge barrier to entry for people that would love to participate in the industry, but just can’t afford it. Most youths are left with very few options by the time they graduate high school because college institutions are far too expensive and jobs are extremely hard to come by.

However, since the launch of the GOLD package, students now have the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the FX industry for a small fee of only R249 monthly ($16).


Students are provided with over +35 training videos, FX signals and a 40+ page advanced manual to assist them along their journey. They also have access to support via email and WhatsApp for any enquiries they may have.

Mbalenhle says she created this online FX educational platform so people have an opportunity to join and learn all that she has learned over the 8 years she has traded the FX markets, so they too can change their own circumstances for the better, after all, if FOREX can change her life completely, it could possibly change theirs too.

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