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Generations: The Legacy to go off air for a month

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The SABC has announced that popular soapie Generations: The Legacy will be off air for a month, starting on Monday, the 25th November 2019.

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Sunday World reported that Generations: The Legacy’s break is as a result of an ongoing ‘contractual dispute’ between the soapie’s producers and the broadcaster.

According to a statement seen by Move!, previous iconic episodes of Generations will be aired during it’s normal 8pm slot until the end of December 2019.

“The SABC’s popular soapie, Generations: The Legacy is taking a month-long break. Starting from Monday, 25 November 2019, the soapie will go down memory lane by screening selected iconic episodes of Mzansi’s most loved soapie.” – SABC Head of PR,Zandile Nkonyeni wrote.

“Viewers are in for a special treat this summer break as their favourite villians, heroes and matriachs from the past will be brought back to their screens to turn this years’ festive break into a nostalgic, unforgettable television experience. The broadcasts will be packaged for a thrilling combination of the most-hated, most-loved and most-memorable moments in the history of the popular soapie since its debut on national television 28 years ago.”

“Each week the soapie will play episodes remembering our heroes: the Archie Morokas, Kenneth Mashabas, Julia Motenes, Glen Majosis. Our favourite matriarchs: Lorraine Dlomo, Mawande, Karabo Moroka. Some comic relief: Ma Sebobe, Queen Moroka, Sonny, Kenny and his Dinny. Who can forget our love-hate relationship with the villians: Ntsiki Lukhele, Andile Nogabu, Kenneth Mashaba and Max.” the statement read.

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