Gladys pays for her kindness

Gladys Dlamini – a victim of kindness

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There is an old proverb that goes “no good deed goes unpunished” – Gladys ought to have remembered that before offering kindness to Gomora’s most irredeemable soul.

Melusi Dlamini almost lost his job as school principal after he was filmed punching a school boy. Having being pardoned – thanks to Mam Sonto’s intervention – Dlamini took time off to recharge his batteries eKapa.

Gladys’ foolish kindness

With her husband away, Gladys took in the very person who almost got her husband fired from his job. With Ntokozo doing his best to show Gladys that Lindokuhle was beyond salvation, she became even more determined to rescue him. After stand-in principal Mrs Hlungwane found Lindokuhle dealing drugs in the school toilet, Gladys still vouched for him. But despite vouching for Lindokuhle, she was suspicious of him after her wedding ring and Tupperware suddenly vanished. Rummaging through Teddy’s room, where Lindokuhle had taken up residence, Gladys found his stash of drugs concealed in a bottle of lotion.

As a subtle message that she had found the drugs, Gladys gave Lindokuhle a new bottle of lotion.

“I noticed you had run out of lotion” she said.

Armed with a knife, Lindokuhle threatened Ntokozo and demanded that he retrieves the drugs from Gladys’ bedroom. So traumatized was Ntokozo that me might have done badly in his school exam. Later, Ntokozo spent the night in his mother’s bedroom in order to protect her.

The next day, Lindokuhle completely abandoned the false act of a reformed kid that he had been putting on for Gladys. Taking Zodwa as a hostage at knife point, Lindokuhle demanded his drugs back. When Ntokozo attempted to intervene, Lindokuhle shoved him against the door, resulting in a head injury. We’ll talk about that some more a little later. Lindokuhle took Gladys’ phone, as security for the confiscated drugs, I suppose. As Gladys appealed to him to give back the phone so she could call for help – her son was upstairs and in need of an ambulance – Lindokuhle became even more sinister and chased her with knife in hand. But just when Gladys thought she and Zodwa were completely at the mercy of Lindokuhle, Melusi entered. And, because that’s what sadistic screenwriters do, we were left hanging in suspense!

Thathi learns to toughen up

Stuart, who is Thathi’s lawyer, briefly escaped from captivity after Mazet and New Guy kidnapped him during a carjacking gone awry. But how far can a white man go on the mean streets of Gomora without being spotted. Sonto put the word out – calling all thugs, calling all thugs, looking for a bruised and bleeding white man – and her underworld contacts delivered. Mazet found Stuart, naked except for underwear and socks, after some Gomora thugs had robbed him of his shoes, watch and suit. That’s the rule, right? See a white man ekasi, you know he’s got to get robbed!

Back at Sonto’s office, Thathi pleaded with her mother to spare Stuart’s life. And the lawyer played his part by promising he would not report the carjacking. Everyone in the room seemed to have agreed to let Stuart walk out alive. As Mazet began to untie the man, a pillow materialized in Mam Sonto’s hand. Using it as a muffler, she fired her gun, giving Stuart a third eye on his forehead. He died instantly.

For a while, Thathi seemed traumatized. She had just seen a second person killed – shot dead – right before her eyes in under six months. But she soon snapped out of it and – complete U-turn – she asked Sonto to teach her to use a gun. Mother and daughter went for shooting practise at a disused mine dump. After a day of wasting bullets, Thathi returned re-energized. Discussing events of the day with Sonto, Thathi said she had imagined Rodney’s face each time she pulled the trigger. Could Rodney be her next victim?

Sbonga brings KZN to Gomora

While Sbonga and Pretty manned the counter at Sonto’s Inn, a young rowdy man interrupted a pair of women seated alone. Despite their loud protests, he introduced himself as Sdumo and insisted on buying drinks. The boy was one of those types with more money than common sense. He held up wads of cash, which, by the looks of him, could only be stolen. Sbonga, remembering the boy, did what comes naturally eKZN. He confronted Sdumo with a sjambok. The boy is stupid but wise enough to know you don’t mess with a Zulu man holding imvubu.

Thathi takes the lead

The next car robbery victim was to be the principal at Buhle and Langa’s old school. When Mbongeni’s school fees cheque bounced – after his bank became insolvent – the principal had been unkind to Thathi. The penalty for that was his Mercedes Benz. Thathi drove off in his Benz punching the air triumphantly. But she had only driven a few metres down the road when the robber became the robbed. Two cars intercepted her and she was relieved of the Mercedes at gunpoint.

Sonto’s tavern under attack

The two highwaymen, still masked, delivered Thathi safely back to Mam Sonto. When they unmasked themselves, we learned that the leader – Mohato – was an old partner in crime of Sonto – and perhaps even a partner in bed. He wanted to take over Sonto’s business. After Sonto refused, Mohato and Sdumo returned and shredded the tavern with a hail of bullets. Buhle, Tshiamo and Langa, who had gone to deliver groceries at the tavern, all hid under the tables. Sbonga and Sonto were the only casualties. If Sonto is going to keep her territory, she is going to have to go to war.

When things don’t add up

Ntokozo beat Lindokuhle like a punching bag a few weeks ago. Against the more athletic “Yellow Mellow”, Lindokuhle did not stand a chance. Even if Teddy helped him, a fight between Lindo and Ntokozo is a mismatch. So it just doesn’t add up that Lindokuhle floored Ntokozo with one shove. The scriptwriters just wanted their idea to fit – Lindokuhle goes berserk and takes two women hostage – but they could have done this without insulting our intelligence.

And speaking of “fitting things in” where the heck did Sonto get a pillow from inside her office? A chair cushion, maybe, but a whole pillow? Really! This seems like something the head writer saw on John Wick. Miss Perkins using a pillow as a pistol silencer and then they thought, hey, we could put that into Gomora! But here’s the thing, Miss Perkins used a pillow during a hotel suite scene, which makes sense. However, pillows and offices just don’t add up.

Meanwhile Ama Qamata, who plays spoilt child Buhle Ndaba on Gomora has tested positive for coronavirus. Here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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