Uwrongo Ami Faku

GOLD status for Ami Faku’s Uwrongo with Prince Kaybee, Shimza and Black Motion

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The numbers are in (2.7 million streams) and what was a highly anticipated drop that trended on social media a month before it’s release, has proven to live up to the hype with Uwrongo now certified GOLD in just two months.

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“I’m so happy and excited. It’s very impressive that this happened over such a short space of time,” expresses Ami Faku.

The heavy weight feature by Prince Kaybee, Ami Faku, Shimza and Black Motion has been a number 1 song on many stations’ charts as well as an overall number 1 song in the country for numerous weeks on the Radiomonitor SA Top 100 Chart.

The music video for Uwrongo has also proven quite popular with almost 1.4 million views.

Ami Faku’s unique and distinct voice has proven not only to be a winner for herself but other collaborations that have gone GOLD such as Into Ingawe with Sun-EL Musician and Ungowam with De Mogul SA.

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