Nedbank branch code

Nedbank branch code (Nedbank universal branch code)

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Nedbank branch code is 198765, this is the Nedbank universal code or generic branch code for Nedbank Limited. Nedbank branch codes can be very hard for you to find, that’s why we have decided to write an article about Nedbank branch code list to help you find the correct branch code fast and easy.

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Nedbank Universal Branch Code

nedbank universal branch code
nedbank universal branch code

While other popular banks in South Africa use a universal branch code, Nedbank use specific codes for each branch. The Nedbank branch code is used for any transaction with Nedbank regardless of your account type. This number 198765 is Nedbank universal branch code. Knowing the exact branch code gives makes internet banking convenient and safe.

In most cases, one does not need a branch code when doing an ETF to another Nedbank bank account holder. Most of other online banking sites already have this code 198765 setup in their system.

Nedbank Branch Codes vs Nedbank Universal Branch Codes

Nedbank also has individual codes for each branch while this unique number 198 765 is their Universal branch code. There are many branch codes for Nedbank in South Africa. However, there are some South African banks offering a universal code for all the branches. In short, a branch code is a unique number for a specific bank outlet.

  • Nedbank Branch Code – Nedbank branch code basically shows the where that branch is located or situated. A branch code is a unique number associated with each and every branch of Nedbank.
  • Generic or Universal Branch Code – this is the most user-friendly code giving a single code for all Nedbank branches in South Africa. You can use this universal code on any transaction no matter what branch a Nedbank account is opened or held.

Nedbank Branch Code in South Africa

Why do we use branch codes in South Africa? Branch codes help customers to find the exact outlet and it also gives them peace of mind knowing that they are sending the money to the right person. However, Nedbank Universal Branch Code is a user-friendly option as far as banking is concerned. It makes online banking easier.

List of Nedbank Branch Codes

Below are some of the most popular Nedbank’s branch codes in South Africa. For a full list of branch codes, click here.

  • Nedbank branch code Midrand – 168642
  • Nedbank branch code Sandton – 122405
  • Nedbank branch code Rosebank – 197505
  • Nedbank branch code Polokwane – 111905
  • Nedbank branch code Pretoria – 160445
  • Nedbank branch code East London – 125421
  • Nedbank branch code Port Elizabeth – 121317
  • Nedbank branch code Gateway – 189905
  • Nedbank branch code Sandown – 193305

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