Grid Protection is the first SA security company to go international

Grid Protection’s commitment to hotel security puts its clients’ minds at ease.

The level 1 BBBEE contributor provides full services to Hilton International as well as other hotels chains and is the first South African security company to go international. 

What do guests look for in a hotel? High thread-count sheets, a swoon-worthy cellar, attentive service and, possibly most important of all, security that ensures complete peace of mind. This is precisely what Grid Protection has committed itself to offer its clients in the hospitality industry.

“Hotels are your home away from home and it’s therefore very important that guests should feel safe. The industry needs particular attention as guests often travel with valuables (cash, watches, cellphones, laptops, etc), which makes them easy targets for criminals. This is why it is very important for hotels to have the best security,” says Lisa Sukdev, head of media & communications at Grid Protection.

Grid Protection

Grid Protection, which is a proud subsidiary of Grid Group – 100% black owned and a level 1 BBBEE contributor, has caught the eye of big international brands. It provides full services to Hilton International among other clients in the hospitality industry, and is the preferred security provider for these groups. It is also the first South African security company to go international. “We have built a strong relationship with our clients, through a proven track record of great service and value,” says Sukdev.

“We are also the first South African level 1 BBBEE security company to be awarded a contract in London. We take our status as a level 1 BBBEE contributor seriously and are committed to uplifting South Africans in every way we can,” says Sukdev.

Grid Protection plans to extend its services in future. “We are currently in the process of expanding our security capabilities through the acquisition of other companies,” says Sukdev.

Grid Protection offers the full gamut of security services to the hospitality industry, including physical guarding; armed response; security technology; security needs analysis; and specialised VIP protection. The company ensures that its officers strike the appropriate tone at all times. “Our security officers have to be friendly while remaining professional. Our aim is to provide our clients with tailored security solutions to meet all their security needs,” says Sukdev.

Grid Protection SA

Grid Protection may focus on the particular needs of hotels, but it never applies a copy and paste approach to its clients. “Each hotel is different and therefore faces different security risks. We build strong, long-term relationships with our clients, so we can provide site-specific security solutions for each individual site. We aim to identify potential risks and client needs even before they arise,” says Sukdev.

This bespoke approach is also applied to the personnel. “In-house training facilities allow us to train our guards for the specific roles they need to fill – whether it’s in security, medical or tactical. We provide our clients with quality service and ease of mind at competitive prices,” she says.

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