Harriet mourns Kagiso Loyiso Macdonald

Harriet mourns “dead” Kagiso as Loyiso MacDonald leaves The Queen

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It was always written in the stars that Kagiso Khoza – real name Loyiso Macdonald – would leave his mother, Harriet, in search of an honest living. In season one, we see a boy from a wealthy background choosing to risk being shot down from the sky, in defence of his country, rather than partying with pretty women like normal rich young men. Did Kagiso join the army just to escape his family?

Vuyiswa remains in denial

After Siyanda and Schumacher told Vuyiswa about his drug dealing business and the possibility of his involvement in Thato’s fatal accident, she completely refused to believe that the man she had just married could ever harm a chicken, let alone her nephew.

Siyanda’s case was not helped by Schumacher’s cowardice. When Schumacher bumped into Hector at the Corner House, he attempted to make conversation. But Hector reminded him that he had “not forgotten what he did to Mpho.” One wrong move and Hector would show his true colours.

This threat put fear into Schumacher. When Vuyiswa quizzed them further, Schumacher suddenly sang a different song. While Siyanda was singing “Hector is Guilty”, Schumacher sang – wait, Schumacher didn’t even sing. He dropped the microphone and ran off stage. When Vuyiswa finally cornered Schumacher he took back his words and blamed it on the alcohol like Jamie Foxx and T -Pain.

Siyanda opens Vuyiswa’s eyes

There is no smoke without fire, no bad odor without decomposition, and nobody knows this more than a cop. Although Vuyiswa had told Siyanda to end her “obsession” with her husband, a small part of her still remained skeptical.

Hector received a speeding ticket – the result of a traffic camera picking up his license plate during the Thato chase – which was sent to his home. I have said this before; when the gods are tired of seeing evil triumph over good, they eventually intervene. Hector, in his wisdom, asked Vuyiswa to take care of his traffic fine. And when Vuyiswa took a closer look at the speeding ticket, her eyebrow twitched. She immediately went to see Siyanda who confirmed her worst fears.

Hector’s speeding fine was issued round about the same time Thato called Siyanda as he lay bleeding with the windscreen impaled in his chest. Hector was caught by a traffic camera on the same road where Thato perished.

Back at the Sebata house, Vuyiswa confronted Hector about the ticket. Did he leave Thato to die at the accident scene, how is it he didn’t see Thato  if he travelled on the same road? Hector denied everything, but he has lost Vuyiswa’s trust. And did I mention he has also lost his conjugal rights? Vuyiswa slept in the guest bedroom. No tlof-tlof for Hector this winter!

As Vuyiswa became more suspicious of Hector, she quizzed Siyanda and Schumacher some more. Schumacher finally admitted that Hector was indeed a drug kingpin. Mjekejeke walked into the Corner House wearing a look that gave away his guilt. Sensing that the truth was all over his face, Mjekejeke, made his excuses and quickly departed. Vuyiswa has been a cop long enough to know that he knew about Hector. But she needed more than accusations.

Siyanda reminded Vuyiswa of Thato’s last days, just before the wedding, when he began to ask questions about Hector and Jaros. A light went on in Vuyiswa’s head. She also told Vuyiswa to look into Anna, who was Jaros’ girlfriend. But Anna could not be found anywhere. Something tells me that Vuyiswa will not leave this alone.

Blame it on makoti

When Harriet discovered Kagiso and Goodness’ house purchase papers, she was madder than a woman who found condoms in her husband’s pockets. She blamed Goodness for Kagiso wanting to leave the Khoza mansion. Kagiso did not help matters either. When he received the Eastern Cape job offer, he went to Harriet.

“Goodness has actually managed to find me a job in the Eastern Cape,” he said.

Kagiso may as well have screamed my wife is a witch.

Harriet has never trusted Goodness (real name Zenande Mfenyana). You may recall that when Kagiso found out that Harriet killed his father, Mzi Khoza, Sgaqagaqa moved in with the Mabuzas whom he fed all of the family’s business secrets.

Brutus did not hold back his opinion on Goodness. She had finally succeeded where her mother Gracious had failed; to ruin the Khoza family. But Goodness gave as much as she got. She told Brutus that he was immature and still lived in his late brother’s house. She also called him a “leech” who lived off his brother’s wife.

Shaka too clashed with his sister-in-law. The highlight of their fight was when Goodness told Shaka to “tsek!” reminding us of the time when Zenande Mfenyana’s Instagram spat with an annoying fan.

Kagiso leaves The Queen

Harriet stayed in her room, sulking. She felt betrayed by Kagiso. And everyone knows that kushubile if Harriet sits in her room with no makeup, no slay clothes, no wig. When Harriet finally came downstairs, she appeared in the dining room, dressed in black mourning clothes, complete with a shawl over her head.

“Who died?” asked Brutus.

“I am mourning the loss of a son,” Harriet quipped, looking suitably sombre.

All that drama just because her son has grown up!

Goodness, the very same woman Harriet blamed for the death of her son, finally saw things through her mother-in-law’s eyes. She asked Kagiso to postpone the Eastern Cape move. But Kagiso wasn’t having it. The abuse that Goodness had endured at the hands of Brutus and Harriet had pushed him over the edge. His mind was made up. We are leaving, he said firmly, even with Harriet threatening to disinherit him and Mvelo. As Kagiso, Mvelo and Goodness drove away, Harriet watched from her balcony, looking the part of a grieving mother. Brutus too distanced himself as he watched his nephew go. I have a nagging suspicion that neither Themba Ndaba or Connie Ferguson were acting. This was real heartbreak. I have acting experience, albeit school dramas, and I know just how working days and nights together can build the most unbreakable bond between thespians.


Where is Tshepo?

Loyiso Macdonald is part of the original cast of The Queen. Having spent five seasons, winning a SAFTA award in 2020, he had endeared himself to the viewers. Sadly, Macdonald has decided to leave The Queen, taking along his glittering award. It will be hard to replace him and thank goodness – pun intended – Kagiso’s exit was better managed than the cancellation of other characters. Dingane ghosted us, Akhona vanished like a magician’s rabbit, Prince suddenly upped and left, Amogelang didn’t even attend Jerry’s funeral and Adelaide apparently doesn’t care that her son Thato became one with a VW windscreen. And speaking of Goodness puns, what the hell happened to her adopted son, Tshepho?

It remains to be seen how Ferguson Films will fill the void left by Sgaqagaqa. Could this mean the return of Dingane Khoza? Thanks for the memories, Loyiso. By far my favourite actor on The Queen.

Till next week, my pen is capped

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