How to Buy Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle

How to Buy Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle

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How to Buy Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle in South Africa? WhatsApp is South Africa’s most popular instant messaging service and is used by approximately 58% of South Africans. Because of this, many South Africans are looking for the most cost-effective alternative to use WhatsApp to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. In this article, you will learn how to buy Vodacom WhatsApp bundle, also known as Vodacom WhatsApp Ticket.

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What is Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle?

Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle also known as Vodacom WhatsApp Ticket is a service that allows Vodacom users to buy data so that they can send and receive WhatsApp text messages, audio files and videos. The Vodacom WhatsApp data bundle does not allow users to voice or video call friends and cannot be used while roaming internationally.

This WhatsApp data bundle service is exclusive to all Vodacom customers – Prepaid, Top Up and Contracts, new and existing.

Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle

Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle Prices 2021

How much does a WhatsApp Bundle cost? You can find the right Vodacom WhatsApp data for you based on your specific messaging need. Here is a list of the Vodacom WhatsApp bundle prices in South Africa:

  • Vodacom WhatsApp Data bundle start at only R1 for 10MB, valid for one hour.
  • Or you can buy a bundle of 50MB for R3.
  • Or 250MB for R5, both of which are valid for one day.
  • There is also a three-day Vodacom WhatsApp Data bundle option of R6 for 100MB.
  • A seven-day option of R12 for 250MB.
  • And finally, a 30-day option of 1,024MB for R35.

How to Vodacom WhatsApp Bundle?

To buy your Vodacom WhatsApp data bundle, you need follow the below easy steps:

  1. Dial *123*43# or *135#
  2. Then select option 2
  3. And then select option 5.

You can buy as many WhatsApp bundles as you want, but you can’t buy a new bundle until your existing one is depleted. For as long as you have a valid WhatsApp data bundle in place, all data used by WhatsApp (with the exception of voice and video calls) will be taken first from your WhatsApp bundle.

Vodacom WhatsApp bundle not working

If your WhatsApp bundles are not working, check your internet settings and make sure that Access Point Names (APNs) have the correct Vodacom details.

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