How nani transformed her body

How to transform your body like Nani

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She is a fitness instructor who is blowing up on Instagram where +20,000 adoring followers wait with baited breath for her dietary and workout posts. Coming from the very place that gave us Miss South Africa 2020 — Limpopo Province — the curvaceous Miss Nani is as well built as Shudu.

As she celebrated her birthday, QuickRead Magazine spoke to fitness instructor, food technologist and business woman, Nani to find out how she achieved her flawless physique.

How to get Nani abs

How did you achieve your washboard abs?

I’m not sure about “washboard” as my abs are still struggling (laughs). I achieved my abs my going on a clean diet with a lot of greens and protein and absolutely no fried foods.

You have powerful looking glutes, did you always look like that?

(Laughs) No, I actually used to be a skinny child up until 3rd year of my varsity life when, after years of struggling to gain weight, as I have a fast metabolism, I eventually found a way around it. That’s how I’m also helping clients like myself.

Even you can look like Nani

Can anyone have the same glutes as Nani and how can they do it too?

Most definitely, eat your carbs, lift weights (do squats and lunges) also don’t sleep on simple butt workouts using resistance bands.

What does your typical breakfast look like?

Most days it’s oats and, when I’m lazy, I have instant mixtures, for example high protein Futurelife or cornflakes.

You’re carrying a skaftin; describe what’s in your lunch box

Hake and asparagus with Nandos peri peri sauce on the side

The bell rings for supper, what’s on Nani ’s dinner plate?

Brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli.

So are you your own guinea pig for diet regimen?

Me and my day one clients and family members.

On Shudu winning Miss South Africa

Limpopo has given us Miss SA — short haired and beautiful like you — how does that make you feel?

I’m a big of fan Shudu and that her passion is mental health, I’m also really happy that a woman from a place where the women are looked down upon by most South Africans won a beauty contest.

How often do you cheat on your special diet?

(Laughs) Sometimes I go months without cheating as my diet doesn’t cut out on any macronutrients and also I make delicious and sometimes gin food.

How do you punish yourself when you cheat?

I don’t believe in punish myself for cheating on my diet, cheat meals are also a very good part of any diet. It brings the balance

The making of Nani

What did you look like before the transformation and how long did it take to achieve your fabulous body?

I was underweight most of my life. The transformation was gradual so I don’t have a specific time frame in how I went from underweight to what I look like now.

How much did you weigh then (2017) and now?

49 kilograms

Fitness for some women is a balancing act — you want to get those well toned glutes without diminishing femininity. How hard is it to strike a balance?

It’s really not hard as results are gradual and you can see where your body is going and decided to tone it down at any point. You don’t go to the gym today and wake up ‘buff’ tomorrow. You literally direct your own path and the journey isn’t instant, that’s the good and bad part about it. The fact that it isn’t over night is also amongst the biggest reasons why people quit.

Coronavirus and career goals

How has covid19 affected your work and what steps have you taken to cope?

I’d say work wise it has affected me positively because I had to move and invest in digital training. In turn I’ve reached a lot more international clients than I did when I was more invested in seeing clients personally.

What is your career goal – both as a fitness instructor and food technologist?

My goal currently is building a successful business that is a merge of my Food technology skills and fitness experience.

You can follow the fitness chronicles of Nani on Instagram , YouTube and Twitter


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