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Choosing Investment Plan And Start Saving Money

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Investment is such an important topic today. All big companies and rich individuals in South Africa that you see have ventured into some investment plans. You cannot be a millionaire and save money in the bank without investing some of it.

In order for you to find the right investment plan, we will help you find the right plan that suits your needs. We are aware that most people encounter difficulties in accessing specific advice such as tax exemption, investment or wealth management advice.

Common questions asked by potential investors

  • Which website to consult
  • Who do I contact
  • Who do I trust
  • Which plan should I choose
  • Which investment company will meet my demands

With all these questions in mind, how do you have an objective opinion about the right investment, life insurance or retirement savings? Eventually, you will be tempted to approach your bank. Will the bank give you objective information about the retirement plans or optimization of investments? Who will be your legal representative? Is your representative knowledgeable when it comes to investments? Your accountant? Does he know what he’s doing? Having the right information beforehand will help you understand what you need exactly and to avoid being scammed.

We are here to help you make the right decision through our partners. Our website meets the needs for information and professionalism that you claim. We have made things easy for you by clarifying the business of wealth management consulting and making this information available to you online.

Wealth management consulting is no longer a privilege. It is becoming more available to everyone.

There are three niche real estate investments that you can make lots of profit from. They are:

  • Parking spaces
  • Furnished Rental
  • Crowd Funding

Please bear in mind that higher property prices force, the earnings of the stone decreases. If you are a sophisticated investor looking to take risks, there are some investment opportunities with more than 5% return. However, be wary, behind every profitable investment, there are risks involved and you need to check the duration of the investment.

Affordable investments such as real estate, furnished rentals and parking space have already proved their worth. With these types of investments, profit can reach 8% to 10% and expenses are reduced. In the case of taxation, the money accumulated is subject to the government of property income.

Different types of investments

There are many different types of investments and they can be distinguished in two ways: ·

  • Risk-free investments – risk-free investments are investments that don’t involve lots of risks. The main areas of risk-free investments are: real estate investments, investments in banks, investments in gold, life insurance, various retirement savings and many more.


  • Investments at risk – risk investments are self-explanatory. These are investments that involve risks and are based on either unpredictable values linked to markets such as stock exchange, trading, or businesses facing bankruptcy or not able to make profits. The main at risk investments are bonds and equities. However, there are many safe options that guarantee regular profits but the earnings are less than with risk investments.

Investments are also classified by the advantages carried. Some investment plans offer substantial tax benefits, while other offer usual income. Sometimes capital is blocked for a number of years and profit is only generated when you resell the property. It is also imperative to consider the duration of the investment. Also ask yourself these questions; what is your goal? Is your investment plan just to make some quick money or you want to save for retirement? Always be cautious and know what you want before taking a credit in order to invest.

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