Khanyi Mbau clears up engagement rumours

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According to Move Magazine, TV personality, Khanyi Mbau and her musician boyfriend, Tebogo Lerole, have been serving relationships goals for quite some time. There were even rumours of them being engaged at some point. The couple recently returned from their baecation and the rumour mill started again with reports that Tebogo popped the big question during their romantic getaway.


Last year saw a number of celebrities secretly getting married or dropping subtle hints of a build-up to their weddings. Late last year, Khanyi hinted that she and Tebogo might be married when a fan asked for her hand in marriage. She told the fan that she was already married to Tebogo, but later cleared the air that it wasn’t true. The couple recently took time out of their busy schedules for a romantic getaway for two. Although they did not disclose their location, if the steamy snaps they shared on Instagram are anything to go by, the pair travelled to a foreign land with white sandy beachs and warm weather.

Move Magazine wrote that upon their return, Khanyi had to once again pour cold water on rumors of their engagement. This after she posted a series of pictures of herself wearing a ring on her wedding finger.“I am not engaged and not even close to walking down the aisle. We are happy with the way things are between us. I have many rings, which I wear on all of my fingers. The ring in the post was just another fashion accessory. It doesn’t mean that I’m getting married,” says Khanyi. In other photos of the  couple posted by Khanyi, Tebogo is wearing what looks like a wedding ring on his ring finger.


Khanyi and Tebogo have been together for eight years and are practically like a family, but Khanyi insits that they are content with the way things are between them.  A look at their Instagram posts is enough to show that the pair is inseparable and are always together at almost every social gathering they attend. They are also supportive of each other’s endeavours, despite what has been said about them. With the media always finding something to say about their relationship, the couple’s love remains as fresh as the day they started dating.


The couple likes to take random pictures of each other and not just glamorous ones, even ones where they are not dressed up and their pictures are usually captioned with heart-felt messages. “You don’t know what I see in you,” Khanyi once captioned their picture. Khanyi and her daughter have been seemingly welcomed by the Leroles, if Tebogo’s Instagram account is anything to go by. Even their daughters call each other sisters. Tebogo is clearly Khanyi’s number biggest fan as his Instagram page is flooded with her pictures.

Source: Move Magazine

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