Zodwa Wabantu moving on

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu on moving on after her break-up

Zodwa Rebecca Libram best known as Zodwa Wabantu is ready to move on after breaking up with her fiancé, Ntobeko Linda.

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In an interview with TshisaLIVE, the reality star Zodwa Wabantu, who is looking forward to the second season of her reality show “Zodwa Uncensored”, said she was happy about the finale of her first season. She plans to have Zodwa Uncensored season 2 next year.

“People understand me better now hence I cannot wait for the second season of my reality show.” – she told the publication.

Explaining why she decided to go ahead and air her her season finale event on Moja Love this past Saturday night, Wabantu said Ntobeko thought she wouldn’t proceed with the episode finale without him.

“Just because I cancelled my wedding and gave Ntobeko a break, he thought that I wouldn’t proceed with the final episode. This is why I posted on Instagram to people this so that they shouldn’t ask me about my relationship again.”

“I still believe in love. I love too much so I want to love less and give less. I don’t want to teach a lot cause people tend to use what you have taught them and turn it against you.”

Zodwa added that she was not the type to date celebs, so she didn’t need a partner that will act or think that he’s a star. “I’m the one who is famous. If I wanted to be in a relationship with a celebrity I would have dated one. Age is just a number, I don’t worry about age.”

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/zodwalibram

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