Axxess uncapped fibre

Big price cuts on Axxess uncapped fibre

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Axxess has launched new uncapped, unshaped fibre packages at excellent prices, giving subscribers access to fast connectivity at affordable rates.

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Axxess’s new uncapped fibre packages do not have any usage thresholds, and there is no throttling or shaping.

Prices start from as low as R399, and speeds of up to 1Gbps are available.

R5,000 in value

Axxess has not stopped the great deals there, however, and is also offering clients up to R5,000 in value when they sign up for uncapped fibre.

For clients, this includes:

  • First 2 months free service
  • Free installation and connection
  • Free fibre router
  • Free router delivery

The first 2 months of free service in combination with the free installation and connection means first-time fibre users will not face any costs when signing up with Axxess.

First-time fibre users will also not have to worry about buying a compatible fibre router, as Axxess includes one free of charge.

If you’re an existing fibre user with another Internet Service Provider but would like to switch to Axxess, you can transfer your fibre line to Axxess before 31 August and only be charged R2 for 2 months.*

Axxess’s fibre packages are available across South Africa’s biggest fibre networks, including Openserve, Vumatel, Frogfoot, Octotel, TTConnect, and many more.

To find out more about Axxess’s uncapped fibre packages, visit the Axxess website.

*The R2 for 2-months promotion is only valid for transfers of existing Openserve and Vuma fibre lines.

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