Maftown Heights stands in solidarity with SA students

Maftown Heights has with immediate effect suspended all communication and promotion of their upcoming festival taking place in Newtown on 27 November 2015 in light of the nationwide student protests.

The primary audience at Maftown Heights yearly are university students and the organisers have expressed their desire to stand in solidarity and have a unified voice with the students in their historic approach to addressing the inequality and inaccessibility of tertiary education in the country.

Maftown Heights would like to make a public declaration to donate R10 of every ticket purchased this year and every year going forward in support of student funding. To this end the organisers are in the process of exploring and engaging various potential funding organisations such as NSFAS amongst others.

“With an expected crowd of 13 000 attendees at Maftown Heights this year, we would like to play a part in supporting our primary market with a small, yet much needed gesture to assist in breaking the obstacles that lie in front of students who face financial exclusion or are unable to get into university on financial grounds. We hope to see other people in the creative arts and private sector at large donating whatever little bit they can as well” expresses Dream Team SA Director and co-founder of Maftown Heights, Refiloe Ramogase.

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