Maps Mkhabela Paves His Way Up

Maps Mkhabela (22) has become a talk of the town notable for hosting events, socializing and entertaining people in Limpopo. The multi-talented Maps gained fame over thousands of people in his hometown.

Maps told Fame Africa TV that he’s always wished to be one of Mzansi’s top celebs and he’s paving his way to make it bigger.

“I wanted to do something in my life, I didn’t graduate from school so I had to make my dreams come true” – said Maps

Most celebrities in the entertainment industry in South Africa did not complete their studies, some quit in high-school, while some struggled to complete their course at tertiary institutions. “My advice to learners is never quit school and do the same thing just like these celebrities, learn from their struggles, education is key to success” – Maps added.

Maps, who is currently paving his way straight into the entertainment industry, said it is not easy to start from the bottom without any support. So far he’s faced hardships and obstacles but he was able to get up and focus on his goals. 22-year-old entertainer further added that it takes a lot of hard work to make it and get noticed in the industry, but his dream is to get featured on SABC1’s celebrity entertainment show Selimanthunzi.

Maps reassured us that he does exist and soon the world will know about him, through hard work, dedication and perseverance, he will definitely make it.

Background information on Maps Mkhabela

Maps Mkhabela was born in Mpumalanga, Belfast, before moving to Limpopo with his parents. At the age of four, his parents went separate ways and he was raised by a single mother until he becomes a man he is today.

Maps is a multi-talented young man who has won the hearts of over 16 thousands of fans famously known for hosting, socializing, entertaining and he’s highly favoured by his many. Maps Mkhabela is also well-known for attending celebrity events and he also makes appearances in the Afternoon Drive Show on Makhado FM.

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