John Wick Chapter 3 : Parabellum at Ster-Kinekor

Movies in May: All the new release at Ster-Kinekor

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May’s new releases from Ster-Kinekor offer everything from side-splitting comedy, action and romance to crime, horror, suspense – and some truly epic monsters.

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To supersize the action, catch John Wick Chapter Three: Parabellum and Godzilla 2: King of Monsters in the fully immersive surroundings of IMAX theatres. Or, experience these films in motion: John Wick, the sinister thriller Brightburn and Godzilla 2 will all be releasing to D-Box, where real-life movement adds a physical dimension to your experience, and your seat moves you in sync with events on screen.

  • The Intruder

A young married couple buys a beautiful house and several acres of land in the beautiful Napa Valley. But the man they bought the property from refuses to leave; instead he acts as if he never sold it. Is he lonely and having trouble letting go? Or are his motives far more sinister? A psychological thriller, The Intruder stars Michael Ealy, Meagan Good and Dennis Quaid and releases on 10 May 2019 in 2D.

  • Poms

Inspired by the arrival of Martha, who quit cheerleading several decades ago, a group of women decide to form a cheerleading team in their retirement community (and some of them will go to any length to take part!). It’s never too late to “bring it”, as Diane Keaton, Rhea Perlman, Pam Grier, Jacki Weaver and Alisha Boe show in this uplifting comedy. POMS releases on 10 May 2019 in 2D.

  • The Hustle

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low-rent and the other high-class. After the two meet on a train, they team up to take down the “dirty rotten men” who are stupid enough to underestimate them. Releasing 10 May 2019.

  • John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

Super-Assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns. This time he is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin’s guild. With a $14 million price tag on his head, he is the target of hit men and women everywhere. Releasing 17 May 2019 in 2D, IMAX and D-Box theatres.

  • Ad Astra

A man sets out on a one-way mission to Neptune in search of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Twenty years later, his son, Army Corps engineer Roy McBride sets out to discover what happened to him. Starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and Ruth Negga, Ad Astra releases on 24 May 2019.

  • Long Shot

When Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) reunites with his first crush, one of the most influential women in the world, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), he charms her. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter and sparks fly. Long Shot releases in 2D on 24 May 2019.

  • Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters

The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. The King of Monsters returns to the big screen on 31 May 2019 in 2D, 3D, D-Box and IMAX.

  • Brightburn

A darker take on the superman storyline: What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? Brightburn is releasing 31 May 2019 in 2D and D-Box cinemas. Catch the below blockbusters currently showing on Ster-Kinekor’s big screens nation wide.

  • Miss Bala

Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) finds courage she never knew she had when she is drawn into a dangerous world of cross-border crime. Surviving it will require all of her cunning, inventiveness, and strength. Based on the Spanish-language film, the explosive action of Miss Bala was released on the big screen on 3 May 2019.

  • The Curse of La Llorona

In 1970s Los Angeles, a mythical horror figure is stalking the night – and the children. Anna, a social worker and a widow, is struggling to raise her two small children alone. When she comes across a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, she and her children are drawn into a frightening supernatural realm, haunted by the terrible figure of La Llorona – “the weeping woman”. Supernatural thriller and a continuation of the Conjuring Universe, La Llorona made its first debut to the screen on 3 May 2019 in 2D.

  • The Other Side

When Gem (Erica Hubbard) asks her long-lost friend to be the maid of honour at her wedding, her fiancé, Allen (Brad James), has no clue that he’s meeting Kiya (Altovise Lawrence), a wildly outspoken novelist and self-proclaimed lesbian. Though an aspiring writer himself, Allen does not find a friend in his new house-guest but a rival for Gem’s attention. Eventually, the soon-to-be husband discovers there’s a lot more to the story than his fiancée explained – and suddenly finds himself in a modern-day love triangle. Releasing 3 May.

About Ster-Kinekor Theatres

Ster-Kinekor Theatres is a wholly-owned business and is the largest movie exhibitor on the African continent. To most South Africans, the word ‘movies’ is synonymous with the name ‘Ster-Kinekor’. The company operates 55 commercial cinema complexes in South Africa, with seven international sites based in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The cinema chain’s sites house more than 424 large-scale screens, over 60 994 seats and the largest 3D footprint featuring more than 154 state-of-the-art 3D screens across the country (Commercial, 3D, IMAX and Cine Prestige) with 137 in South Africa. In Africa, the company operates in 5 cinema complexes with 26 screens and 3607 seats.

As the industry leader, Ster-Kinekor has pioneered cinema concepts such as Cinema Nouveau, one of the world’s largest dedicated art-house multiplex circuits, and the luxurious Cine Prestige theatres, the first ‘business class’ cinema experience in South Africa. It boasts the only cinema on the continent that is fitted with the advanced Dolby Atmos sound system (at Gateway in Durban); and has headed the return of the IMAX® Experience, with the opening of seven IMAX® Theatres across the country.

As one of South Africa’s most loved brands, it is Ster-Kinekor’s ongoing mission to become synonymous with the unrivalled magic of the cinema experience, by providing ‘Great Moments at Their Greatest’. During 2013, the company embarked on a massive roll-out project to convert and equip every cinema with the very latest in digital projection and sound technology. The result of this upgrade is that every cinema now boasts state-of-the-art cinema technology that encompasses 2K and 4K digital projection and 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems.

The SK Club loyalty programme rewards members with redeemable points when they swipe their card when buying movie tickets or catering, as well as half price tickets on Tuesdays. Combined with industry leading loyalty programmes from Edgars Club, Discovery Vitality and Standard Bank, these give Ster-Kinekor a strong consumer value proposition and competitive advantage.

As the market leader, Ster-Kinekor aims to spearhead the advancement of cinema across both South Africa and the rest of Africa, to ensure that consumers continue to experience movies as they were made to be seen – on the big screen. See more at:

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