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MUST WATCH: King Monada video giggling worries fans

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King Monada real name Khutso Steven Kgatla is without one of the most talented artists in South Africa. Fans of the ‘Malwedhe’ hitmaker were left shocked after a video of King Monada giggling uncontrollably made rounds on social media.

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In the video posted on Twitter, King Monada can be seen in a video clip revving his new BMW M4 loudly. He’s seen holding his head out the window, listening and laughing, running his hand over his head and holding his ear as if he is listening to the sound of his new BMW car.

He said: “Koloi ye e ya Pheka, Odhwa o re khere kene,” meaning “This car is mad. Just hear it. It roars!”

On Facebook, Monada’s fans questioned if the star was taking nyaope or drugs. As reported by Daily Sun, his manager and a producer Albert Makwela denied he was drunk.

“It was just a prank. I have never seen him drink alcohol since I’ve known him. He is the one person who has never consumed alcohol. Some artists don’t even interact with the fans on social media but with Monada there’s always a place for fans,” – Makwela told Daily Sun.

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