From war comes peace

Peace returns to the Khoza mansion

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There is no greater oxymoron than when a seeker of peace must go to war in order to find peace. They named him Kagiso, peace. However, Sgaqagaqa’s life has been anything but peaceful.

Firstly, he is an ex soldier, a trained killer with a frightening body count. Secondly, at one time he wanted nothing to do with the family business which often requires the use of violence. But it was he who had to rescue his family when Goldfinger’s army had them pinned down in the Khoza Trucking depot, a front for a vast cocaine empire. Kagiso, the lover of peace, singlehandedly killed Goldfinger and his regiment of thugs. It was in the pursuit of his elusive objective – peace, between Dingane and Shaka – that Kagiso found himself in the middle of a war.

Shaka arrested

With Kagiso and Dingane cornered inside the ruins of an abandoned house, Shaka and his men attacked with guns blazing. In the gunfight, Shaka lost a man, Kagiso was wounded, as was Dingane who caught a bullet to the backside. Brutus and Harriet arrived on the scene with Shaka gun barrel to gun barrel with Dingane. Despite Harriet firing several warning shots, Shaka would not back down. Meanwhile the wounded Kagiso escaped with Vivian. Alerted by the sound of gunfire, police arrived and arrested Shaka, with Dingane, Harriet and Brutus slipping away.

At the police station, Harriet and Brutus visited Shaka. Both of them of course feigned ignorance about Shaka’s resurrection. On Harriet’s advise, Shaka told the police that he had gone into hiding after unknown assailants attempted to kill him. Although the police will investigate further, Shaka was released.

Khaya brings peace to the home

Upon his release, Shaka found the convalescing Dingane seated on one cheek – the other side of his backside having been mangled by a bullet – in the living room with Brutus. Shaka drew his gun intending to kill Dingane. But Brutus, also with gun drawn, used himself as a human shield. As tempers flared, Harriet arrived just in time, with an ace up her sleeve. Khaya, several inches taller than the last appearance on The Queen, suddenly stood staring at his father. Immediately, Shaka put away his gun. Meanwhile, Kagiso remained in hiding in a nursery school run by a do-gooder who gave him refuge.

Thato and Warona reunite

After Thato was caught cheating, Schumacher, who has a wealth of experience in infidelity, advised him to leave both Warona and Mildred; give them space. Whichever of the two women makes the first move is “the one.”

After a meeting, during which Thato apologized with flowers, Warona told him that he was not the first boyfriend who had been seduced by her mother. Apparently, the randy cougar makes a habit of snatching her daughter’s boyfriends. Later, Warona did make the first move. She appeared at the Maake home, while Jerry and Vuyiswa were away at work, and told Thato that she wanted to give their relationship another chance. Thato and Warona then made their way to the bedroom… to consumate their reunion until the morning.

On their first night together, Thato and Warona had managed to sneak out before the judgemental Jerry and Vuyiswa had detected any foul play. But this time, they bumped into an angry Jerry in the kitchen. Isn’t it funny how African parents will never let you be an adult, even when you are bearded and grey!

Peace – finally

Brutus, attempting to mollify the vengeful Shaka, confessed that he was once faced with a similar fraternal feud after he had slept with his older brother, Mzi Khoza’s girlfriend, the woman who would later give birth to Dingane. Eventually, Mzi forgave Brutus. Shaka’s reply was startling, if not hilarious.

“All you’ve told me is that you and Kagiso are in the same WhatsApp group – dogs! This gives me even more reason to want to kill him.”

A text message notified Shaka of Kagiso’s location and he immediately walked out with Khaya pleading for peace. But the only peace Shaka had in mind was a piece of Kagiso. Meanwhile, Kagiso was on the move, limping on his wounded leg, having valiantly removed the slug himself and treated the injury with gun powder, John Rambo style.

Shaka intercepted him, with gun drawn. Kagiso drew his pistol too. After a brief standoff, the two brothers put down their weapons, not for peace but a hand to hand fight to the death. Minutes later, the two brothers sat down, exhausted. During the lull in hostilities, Kagiso reminded Shaka that it was he who bombed Harriet’s car and blinded him. Two, three, hear beats later, Shaka offered a truce. But not before he punched Kagiso one last time. A small fee to pay for long-lasting peace.

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The Queen airs week days at 9:00pm Mzansi Magic on DSTV





The Queen airs week days at 9:00pm Mzansi Magic on DSTV

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