Radio personality Criselda Dudumashe

Radio personality Criselda Dudumashe almost died yesterday

South African radio personality, motivational speaker, counselor and television presenter Criselda Dudumashe has revealed that she almost died yesterday.

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Criselda Dudumashe, who is best known for hosting various radio shows on Metro FM, has always spoken out about having lived with HIV for over 20 years. Having been diagnosed as HIV-positive, she served as a Member of the Board of Trustees at the National AIDS Counsel (SANEC) 2005-2006 and as a board member of South African Food Gardens Foundation.

As a motivational speaker, Criselda Dudumashe often encourages people living with HIV to live healthy lifestyles and those who don’t know their status to get tested.

Taking to social media today, she revealed that she almost died last night and that she is still “under the weather in the truest sense of word”.

“I’m under the weather in the truest of sense. I almost kicked the bucket yesterday ended with a diagnosis of Another chronic illness. I’m sharing to remind all of us that you only have one life. Treat yourself with kindness.

Acknowledge and manage life stressors because eventually they impact negatively on your health. As I sleep in this hospital bed, I’m grateful for more time to serve. Thank you Jehovah for your Grace. MassivMetro and virtual family pray with me for God’s will (sic),” – she wrote on Instagra.

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