Gigi Lamayne depression

Rapper Gigi Lamayne on dealing with her depression

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Rapper Gigi Lamayne, who was hospitalised for depression over two months ago, has revealed how she is dealing with her depression.

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Speaking to Masechaba Ndlovu and Mo Flava on Metro FM’s drive show, Gigi Lamayne has confirmed that she is now in a ‘good space’.

With regard to how she’s dealing with her depression, Gigi says counselling has helped her a lot. The rapper also mentioned that she has started meditating and reading up on the disorder.

“Counselling has helped. I know that my family and friends have had to adjust to a lot of things. I appreciate memes now. I enjoy memes. It is about enjoying the little things of life that I had forgotten. I have started meditating and reading up about depression.”

“It is something I have learnt to deal with every single day. We are not dying or mentally unstable… we are simply misplaced in the world. We are people who care too much.” – she added.

Gigi also mentioned that there’s so many people who suffer from depression and they don’t come out and speak about it. It’s not a weakness. It’s something she’s learned to deal with every single day.

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