Rapper Kwesta on #MetroFMHeatwave

Rapper Kwesta on #MetroFMHeatwave shut-down

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Rapper Kwesta, whose real name is Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, has expressed some disappointments after the Metro FM Heatwave event was shutdown after fans threw bottles on the stage.

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Taking to Twitter to express his disappointment, Kwesta said: “Arrived in Kimberley to the heartbreaking news that the #MetroFMHeatwave event was shutdown to prevent further damage caused by the crowd throwing bottles. What possess a person to endanger the lives innocent patrons who come to enjoy live music? WE COME IN PEACE, or not at all…(sic).”

Some fans replied to Kwesta saying, the crowd was angry because the rapper did not show up. 

“You guy disrespected us, we waited until in the early hours, while hearing bo are you ready for are you ready for. None of you guys pitched expect for Khuli chana (sic),” – one user replied.

Another user confirmed that the Vur Vai hitmaker did not pitch which led to the fans throwing bottles on the stage.

“Dude people were pissed because Kwesta didn’t show up and what makes it worse is that it’s not the first his doing this. But this time he said he arrived late in Kimberley and that time the fans were angry. they just wanted to see him (sic).”

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This is not the first time the rapper did not pitch for an event in Kimberly. A few months back, Kwesta and Mobi Dixon were invited to perform at the ‘Class of 2018’ event but they did not show up. This led to the angry crowd damaging the property. 

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/kwestadakar

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