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Celebrity news (South African celebrity news) is news to the fame and public attention given to individuals, or groups, but is usually applied to the person or a group of people such as well-known entertainers sports people, which in some cases can be couples or families. These people’s careers or even pastimes tend to place them in the public domain. Celebrity status in South Africa and worldwide is associated with wealth. This is where the phrase ‘fame and fortune’ comes from. Fame in the time of social media also gives celebrities opportunities to earn revenue through strategic use of their personal brands.

Successful careers in entertainment and sports are commonly associated with celebrity status, while politicians in SA automatically become celebs, by respectability of their public profile. Everyday people can also become celebrities due to media attention or South African celebrity news reporting on their controversial actions, wealth, and lifestyle or for their connection to a specific celebrity.

How to become a celebrity in Mzansi

Fame Africa TV - Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba. Image courtesy: Buzz South Africa

People can become celebrities in many ways, even for doing bad things including crime or just by starting online trading to better themselves. They can be celebrities due to media exposure, bad publicity, or even by a fluke and this is reported by South African celebrity news magazines.

The phrase “Instant Celebrity” is someone who just becomes a well-known person very suddenly, or virtually overnight. Someone who becomes a celeb for a short period of time through mass media, hype or say is labeled as “B-grade Celebrity.” In most cases, this refers to a short-lived fame. The person may appear in the media but it’s rare, but they are more willing to explore or extend their fame.

Success in Mzansi Celebrities

According to the research that our Online Celebrity News Magazine conducted, we found out that there is no assurance of becoming a celebrity in Mzansi, even as an entertainer. That’s where Quick Read Magazine comes in. We give people public exposure including unearthing talents to become well-known celebrities in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Even though SA celebs hail from various areas, many celebrities in Mzansi are usually linked with the areas of entertainment and sports or an individual could be a public figure who is well-known by the media.

Although wealth and glamour can play a pivotal role for some well-known celebs in Mzansi, some people in the South African celebrity entertainment industry such as music, television, comedy, film, literature, modeling and many more live in inconspicuous and only a few of those achieve prominence and wealth.

Difficulty in the glimpse and glam

Many sports-persons who are incapable to balance the professional job and sports end up abandoning their athletic desires so that they push their professional careers. Only few athletes and entertainers are competent to make a proper living through their celebrity status. But a large percentage of South African celebrities spend their professions juggling from determination, hard work, rejection, failures and unemployment. For amateur athletes and celebrities, their earnings are always low on the pay-scale. As result, some celebrities in SA take another job such as web-hosting, office jobs, or promotions to supplement their incomes in order to meet their needs. In the sports field, some venture into occupations such as management, coaching, recruiting or scouting and unearthing athletes.

How to become a famous celebrity in South Africa

Becoming a celebrity in SA can be simple. Most celebrities in Mzansi are into music and they gain so much support through the use of social media especially Twitter and Instagram. They then get signed by popular record labels and PR companies that distribute their products and press releases to South African celebrity news magazines and other publications.

Terry Pheto

Endorsements and Entrepreneurship in Mzansi

Celebrity endorsements are another way of making big cash in the celebrity entertainment industry. This has been proven to be successfully working worldwide, as a result of growing consumerism, a person is seen to own some kind of a celebrity status when they buy celebrity-endorsed products. This is another way for SA celebrities like Nomzamo Mbatha, Boity, Bonang, Minnie Dlamini and Maps Maponyane to make money.

Celebs like Boity in Mzansi use their names to make money, but have gone on to put their business acuity to work by venturing into business in their own right and attracting interest from more established businesses that feel that they can benefit from an association with a celebrity-owned business . Many SA celebrities have become ground-breaking business moguls in their particular fields, gaining the support of their celebrity friends and boosting the South African economy.

South African online magazines, celebrity news outlets, and popular SA talk TV shows such as Zaziwa, Club 808, and Real Talk With Anele play an important role in giving celebrities free publicity. To maintain your limelight and build a fortune, many South African celebs have been partaking and diverging into various endorsement deals that entail cosmetics, household items, cars, insurances, soft drinks, fast foods, toys, alcohol beverages and so forth.

Pearl-Modiadie - Fame Africa TV
Pearl Modiadie. Image courtesy: Epyk Living

Adding to different endorsement deals, a number of Mzansi celebs have been participating with some investment and business related agreements which include: enterprises such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, event planning and advertising, movie theaters, publishing such as music and book publishing, management related businesses such as financial services, record labels, sports management, television production, film production, model management, salons, real estate and fitness and health.

Even though many celebrities in SA have achieved a financial backing from different entrepreneurship journeys, the majority of these celebs are not booming entrepreneurs and still depend on their traditional salaried earnings to meet their needs. Our online celebrity magazine found out that most celebs in South Africa don’t succeed in their own business and other interrelated side endeavours such as product endorsements, advertising or promotions. However, some personalities either become bankrupt or broke because of juggling side businesses.

Although celebrities already have it all on the table and everything working in their favour, they often fail but their advantage opens up many endorsement opportunities and public support. Therefore, they can easily gain control over a large amount of market share than the average business person.

Mass Media in the Celebrity Entertainment industry

Famous people usually have prominent status as the royalty. Therefore, the public becomes more curious about their private affairs. When Pulane’s nudes were leaked in 2015, they drew more public and media attention to her, boosting her fame, making her to appear in music videos and gaining more followers on Twitter. Many South African online magazines, South African celebrity news and gossip websites wrote articles about her.

pulane-lenkoe - celebrity news
Pulane Lenkoe. Image courtesy: OK Mzansi

Celebrities can often be hated for their achievements and people can sometimes have a hate or love relationship with a celeb. Because of popularity of the celebrity, their success and private lives are always made public by supporters or media publications (online newspapers, and online magazines that report about celebs).

Celebrities in SA are seen as role models when they win awards especially those who do so overseas like comedian Trevor Noah, who are commended for “making the country proud.” Of course they are condemned as immoral when they become associated with bad things, as was the case with Oscar Pistorius who was found guilty for murdering his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Social Media Attracts South African Celebrity News Publications

High-profile celebrities such as Boity, Bonang Matheba, DJ Zinhle, DJ Tira and Trevor Noah participate in social media platforms and video or photo sharing spaces like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. This is where SA online celebrity news magazines also find useful information for their celebrity news articles. Social media allows these celebrities in Mzansi to interact in two-way-communication with their supporters. Social media cultivates celebs in a way that stimulates public compulsion.

Rich Families in South Africa Being Celebrity News

Another celebrity example in South Africa is a family that has outstanding lineage or is acknowledged for its fortune or influence. For example, as seen on Mzansi’s online magazine or South African celebrity news, a celebrated family is linked with a specific field such as politics, as is the case with the likes of the Guptas, Sisulu and Mandela families.

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