Spotify listeners cannot get enough of Peta Teanet’s Ka Valungu – African Vibe PT 2

Peta Teanet has seen a resurgence on Spotify. The late prominent musician’s listenership increased by 73%, and his streams by 100%, reveals Spotify data tracking the past 28 days.

“Art is timeless, in audio form or otherwise. The music released pre-streaming still resonates with listeners familiar with the music, and those who discover the music through previous generations,” says Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music for Sub Saharan Africa.

Younger millennials aged between 28-34 lead the listenership pack at 28%, followed by those between 35-44 at 24%. Interestingly, Gen Zs are also vibing with Peta Teanet, even though he passed on before the first Gen Z was born. 23-27 year olds make up 19% of his listeners, while the 18-22 year olds are 14%. 72% of the people streaming Peta Teanet’s music are males, and his would-be peers of 45-60 years are 12% of the listeners.

The data also looked at Peta Teanet’s top 10 streamed songs of all time and the top countries streaming the music. Ka Valungu – African Vibe PT 2 is his most streamed song while South Africa naturally takes the lead as the top country streaming Peta Teanet. Check out Peta Teanet’s This is Playlist on Spotify.



  1. Ka Valungu – African Vibe PT 2

  2. Thokholoshi

  3. Matswele

  4. Khoma Maseve

  5. Mbilu Yo Biha

  6. Vana

  7. Maxaka

  8. Andi Vileli

  9. Matswele

  10. We Just Want To Be Closer

  1. South Africa

  2. United Kingdom

  3. Botswana

  4. Netherlands

  5. Mozambique

  6. Germany

  7. United States

  8. France

  9. Zimbabwe

  10. Namibia

Image Courtesy: Supplied