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Tips on how to look and feel fabulous

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The last year has been emotionally and physically taxing for many, but there’s also been a bigger focus on self-love and self-awareness. This was the focus of the recent BBC Lifestyle Lounge Session, hosted by radio and tv presenter Hulisani Ravele, with guest musician Karlien van Jaarsveld and celebrity stylist Siyavuya Dondolo.

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The trio took the opportunity to share a few personal experiences and tips on how to look and feel fabulous – all inspired by BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) shows 10 Years Younger in 10 Days, You Are What You Wear and How to Look Good Naked.

Top Tips included:

  • Speaking on a clip from You Are What You Wear, stylist Siyavuya remarked that working from home has left people feeling too comfortable. “People are dressing down, which is making them feel down. Wearing bright colours and bold patterns can really help lift your mood. Even something as simple as applying a new lip-gloss, a lick of mascara or getting a new haircut can update your look and help build your ‘feel good’ confidence!”
  • Hulisani added that while Zoom calls and working from home will probably continue to be the norm for a while, make the effort to still dress up even if it’s for yourself. Show up, not for the other people that you’re going to see, but for yourself.
  • After sharing a clip from How To Look Good Naked, Karlien’s top tip was to step back and look at yourself objectively to “actively find the parts of your body you love”. Whether it’s your shoulders, waist, legs, back, accentuate these features – if you like your shoulders, wear scoop and V-neck tops, if you have a small waist wear belts with high wasted skirts.
  • When it comes to simple adjustments, Siyavuya added that the majority of women struggle finding the right bra size to support their bust, which can negatively affect their posture and self-confidence. “Make the time to book a fitting with a professional to find out your correct bra size – the right support can really change your whole silhouette!”
  • After watching contestant Paulette repeat positive affirmations to help build her confidence in an episode of 10 Years Younger In 10 Days, Hulisani says “One of the things I loved about this past year is how there was such a big focus on self love and just being kinder to ourselves, because we have all seemed to have forgotten that along the way. Be kind to yourself, always.’’

Watch the full Lifestyle Lounge Session with Hulisani, Karlien and Siyavuya

For more great tips on how you can better dress your body shape and to start loving the skin you’re in, tune into BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) on Thursday’s at 8PM to watch You Are What You Wear and How To Look Good Naked. Also available on Catch Up.

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