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Wanderers Sports Medical Centre look to be proactive during Lockdown

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In a time of great anxiety and stress, the Wanderers Sports Medical Centre has come to an immediate halt, due to the worldwide pandemic. As an out-patient Medical Centre, the majority of the practitioners are not allowed to “practice” and/or “treat” their current patients and potentially new patients.

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The first of its kind in Gauteng to combine medical practices and fitness the Wanderers Sports Medical Centre situated at the Wanderers Stadium, is a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise), which constitutes 12 other SME’s that are all geared to fulfil the same AIM ; MISSION and VISION, together with CORPORATE VALUES, which were set out in 2016.

“As a team, we are trying to be as positive as we can. Management has reduced some of the anxiety by not charging rental to practitioners during this period. Practitioners have an option to contribute any amount, during LOCKDOWN, as WSMC will still continue to pay their employees during this time. The aim is to allow practitioners to focus purely on their practice and work on areas that one cannot do during the normal day to day running of a medical practice,” expresses Craig Govender Director of the Wanderers Sports Medical Centre.

During this Lockdown period WSMC encourages practitioners to:

  • Remain positive, by keeping busy to enhance their practices
  • We need to think out the box
  • Practitioners need to work closer together than ever before, to come up to better ideas of managing patients. This means better communication.
  • Work on websites; social media and with other business management platforms, like MailChimp.
  • Keep engaging current patients and create content for future patients

As a team of medical professionals, there is a need to sustain practices with a weight of foot traffic. With us currently in lockdown this brings about many negative connotations about the future.

The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre supplied by Origin Fitness has assembled medical and aligned professionals with a vision of creating winning athletes, bridging the treatment and conditioning gap between professional and amateur athletes, as well as creating a healthier society at large through the promotion of physical literacy and sport skills development.

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