WATCH: Idols judge Unathi Nkayi slams married men who ask her out

Singer and TV personality, Unathi Nkayi, took to Instagram to slam married men who flirt with single ladies.

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Taking to Instagram last month, the Idols SA judge posted a video where she reveals that she has a serious question.

Namely, “why are these married men busy on the streets asking us out?” referring to single women.

“The problem is also with the ladies though as they have created a platform for this to become a norm. If all women valued themselves as you do Unathi we would not have to deal with such. It would take a brave dog to go astray if he knew ladies are tough with the cookie but unfortunately we live In a society where not all women are in favour to support each other (sic),” – one fan responded.

The reason she asked the question was that one of her best friends asked her what it’s like being single.

Nkayi replied by saying that a year ago 100% of men that were hitting on her were married.

She went on to say that she would like to know what a married man is saying about you, the single person, when he approaches you.

“Is he saying that you must know your place in future? Is he saying at times you cannot call? Is he saying that when he looks at you he can see that you share?” said Unathi.

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