What is Tubidy? Tubidy MP3 and Mobile Video Search Engine

Tubidy is a kind of website or a group of websites which are providing music and video services to internet users. It is called as a group of website because there are too much similar website of it on internet with the same name. Internet users can search videos and audios on this platform and they can download them. Tubidy’s legal position is still questionable today and many lawyers are agree that those websites are violating copyright of many artists and the company.

Tubidy Mobi is one of those good services that you can have those audio and video services too.

Yes, it is something like converter, however you don’t need to wait system to convert videos. When you already search for videos on the website you will see that all those videos and audios are converted. You will able to get them from the website directly. There are multiple video and audio formats of the website. You don’t need to register for it and you can click on the format names to get files.

You can download music for multiple devices. This is also available for PC too. You can connect to the website to download those files and make your search. After you search on the website, you need to pick one of the results. Then just click on the format name to download it to your pc.

We have seen that there were many cases with DMCA which are related with the website. However the website is still getting thousands of users and visitors daily. If the website starts to get too much files on DMCA, we don’t think that this well end near the future. We have seen that someone arrested in India because of violating an American company’s right before. Similar incident can be also take place in the future.

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