Yena A ya Kwin Boti July

July of Yena A Ya Kwini becomes a meme

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Do you know what does ‘Yena A Ya Kwini’ mean? Well it means ‘where was he/she going’ when is translated from Xitsonga into English, but in the video below “a video of boti July complaining about a family member who is making false accusations about him and gossiping about him.”

Boti July has even became a meme after his video went viral around the internet. Boti MaJulee has also recorded and released a CD with Limpopo-based entertainer and media personality, Tirhani Mambasa.

Watch the video of July below:

According to Haffingpost, although he was aware that he was being filmed, he had no idea his life was about to change for the better following the video, which has since gone viral. July has become an overnight sensation, scoring himself gigs both a singer and an on-stage entertainer.

Boti July Yena A ya Kwin

According Hlonipho, in Xitsonga, they don’t say “serves you right”. they say “yena a ya kwini”, which mean “where were you even going?”

Yena A ya Kwin ATM

Yena A ya Kwin meme even made it to the ATM.

Boti July Yena A ya Kwin2

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