Busiswa Gqulu shares her pregnancy news

Singer and poet Busiswa Gqulu has revealed her baby bump. We were first introduced to Kalawa Chikita Busiswa Gqulu in 2012 on DJ Zinhle’s song My Name Is. Since then she has been churning out hits like Ngoku, Lahla and Nangu.

People know her for her electric dance moves and voice. Despite her popularity she has always been a private person. The musician took to Instagram where she shared a photo of her baby bump.

Busiswa also thanked one of her fans on Instagram by saying “Thank you for the well-wishes my people😊 Ofcourse I was young & hungry & less dicknified when I wrote “andizumitha nomitha”😎 I’m wiser now. Still a performer for life, still ngenaring nge vosho everywhere. In fact, I might name him GqomLawd at this point😋😋”

Uhmm GqomLawd? Sounds like a great name but we shall see about this when the baby comes.

Congratulations Busiswa.

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