Yourboyskillz releases highly anticipated debut EP titled Geek City

Rising Hip hop sensation from Limpopo, Yourboyskillz, is proving that there is no slowing him down in 2017. The multi-talented Countless Dreams Entertainment rapper and producer has dropped his highly awaited EP titled Geek City.

Geek City is now available on all digital stores globally. Stream Yourboyskillz’s Geek City EP here:

Yourboyskillz describes Geek City as his best work yet as it shows off his strength and as an artist. The six track offering features a mix of different sounds that will be appealing to a wide-ranging demographic. Geek City EP also has some surprise offerings that show the versatility of Yourboyskillz as an artist, and tracks such as Danky Dank, which is an easy to sing along to track with deep hip hop elements, will be a track his fans will truly enjoy.

“I just wanted people to have a taste of the new sound I have been working on as this is a different sound compare to my previous singles. The EP shows my growth as an artist over the past three years,” expresses Yourboyskillz.

Geek City EP Track List

  1. Hockey
  2. My Shit
  3. Up
  4. Dumb Ice
  5. Danky Dank
  6. Whoah!!

The EP is very melodic with a mixture of rap and Rnb feel good music, and it dissects Yourboyskillz’s outlook of life and experiences. By sharing his life journey, Yourboyskillz hopes it will give people an opportunity to understand her better as a musician.

Yourboyskillz discovered his own taste of music when he started listening to the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake.

Yourboyskillz started recording when he met his producer (LAE,Fenesse and Mac11) friends  in high school. His talent was something people couldn’t ignore, as his music reigned supreme in various radio station charts.

Yourboyskillz will capture the hearts of many South Africans over the next few months with his impressive resume, lyrical prowess, effortless flow and catchy choruses which cannot be ignored. Yourboyskillz is definitely a rising musical sensation to look out for this year as he raises the bar with the release of Geek City.

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