10 Things You Never Knew About Simphiwe Ngema

Simphiwe Ngema made a name for herself after she made her debut as Thuli on SABC 2’s hit soapie ‘Muvhango’ and has effortlessly proven that she is a triple threat.

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She has become an exciting new face in the local entertainment space and continues to surprise audiences with her endless list of talents. Ahead of her appearance on the upcoming ninth season of Tropika Island Of Treasure, we help you get to know the real Simphiwe Ngema with these fun facts:

1) Simphiwe doesn’t eat pizza and admits that many people judge her when they first find out. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy the taste per se, but I don’t eat cheese so the whole process of asking for pizza without cheese and getting weird look from the restaurant staff just isn’t worth it,” she says.

2) Simphiwe is a dancer as well and it’s something she is really passionate about. “I have danced all my life and people are often shocked when they see me in the zone,” she admits.

3) Although she enjoys being active, Simphiwe admits that she is a couch potato and that she loves to indulge in series or movies during her downtime. “Because I am so busy all the time, when I do get some time to myself, I want to sit at home and not do anything,” she says. “Going to parties and events is essentially work for people in the entertainment space so I really enjoy spending time at home.”


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4) Eye contact is really important to Simphiwe and its something she hopes to achieve with every conversation she has. “Eyes don’t lie and they connect you to one’s soul,” she says. “I am instantly more into a conversation when there is good eye contact.”

5) Simphiwe is set to appear in the upcoming season of Tropika Island Of Treasure. The series will take place in Curacao and Simphiwe’s calculated approach to challenges and quick-thinking abilities make her the perfect contestant to lead Team Tropical.

6) Tropika Island Of Treasure will not be Simphiwe’s first reality TV stint. The star previously starred in the reality show Preachers Kids which, as the title suggests, documented her life as being the daughter of a pastor.

7) Simphiwe says that her favourite movie over the past five years has been Black Panther because, besides the strong storyline and brilliant direction, effects and acting, it played a massive role in showcasing Africa to the world. “I really loved Black Panther because it really put Africa on the map,” she says. “The local musicians that were featured in the movie were showcased to the world and the story was really good as well. Wakanda Forever!”

8) Travelling is something that really helps inspire Simphiwe. “I love exploring. Each place that I have visited has something unique and different to explore so I really like that aspect of travelling. It opens your eyes up to new and different experiences,” she says adding that “My favourite destination has been Thailand. It’s an incredible place and I had the best time there.”

9) Simphiwe Ngema loves playing board games with her favourite being 30 Seconds. “I get so competitive while playing these games but it’s something I really enjoy,” she says.

10) While we know Simphiwe as an actress, singing is also a big passion for the star. In fact, she has released two singles to date under her alter ego Quing Simz including the emotional ‘Thanda Ngempela’ – an ode to her late husband Dumisani Masilela who was murdered after a hijacking incident went wrong. “It was such an amazing opportunity to put my feelings into a song with Bongani. We’ve both been grieving over the past few years and this has been the ultimate tribute to Dumisani. I am so proud of the song we have created.”

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