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Afrihost Responds to Articles Regarding Cell C Terminating Fixed LTE Services

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South African Internet Service Provider, Afrihost, has issued a press release addressing articles published in the press regarding Cell C terminating Fixed Wireless LTE services.

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There have been some articles published in the press saying that Cell C is terminating its fixed-LTE services through Internet Solutions, shutting down the product’s availability to other ISPs.

According to various reports, this follows Cell C‘s recent downgrade to “default” by S&P Global and the extension of its roaming agreement with South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, MTN, to help improve its financial position.

The network’s fixed-LTE product was offered to ISPs through Internet Solutions (IS), and was sold by the likes of Afrihost, RSAWEB and Axxess.

“We’d like to clarify a few important points for clients who make use of this service via Afrihost” – the internet service provider said in a statement.

Points stated by Afrihost:

  • The termination mentioned in the press relates to services procured through Internet Solutions. Afrihost does not resell through Internet Solutions – there is a different relationship between Afrihost and Cell C.
  • Afrihost’s Cell C Fixed Wireless services will continue as normal until further notice. In light of Cell C’s announcement, we are currently in discussion with Cell C to determine how this announcement will affect our clients.
  • In light of the announcement, we have decided to terminate new Cell C Fixed LTE signups.
  • Should there be any changes to our services, this will be communicated directly to affected clients through official channels. Our clients can rest assured that we will provide them with all the pertinent information as well as suitable alternatives should the need arise.

The company also said that any clients who wish to change their products already can check if they are covered for their Pure Fibre specials or their recently launched Telkom Fixed LTE offering.

Image Courtesy: afrihost.com

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