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Coming up on First Dates SA: Episode 6 (20 Nov)

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On Wednesday 20 November at 8PM tune into BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) and watch episode 6 of First Dates SA to witness a bunch of singles putting their best selves forwards in the hopes of finding their perfect match. Catch all the action as it unfold as each moment of their blind date is captured by discreetly placed cameras.

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To meet the next batch of hopeful singles, who will make their way to the First Dates restaurant, and get a sense of how each of their dates will unfold, see below.

Do opposites attract? Durban born flight attendant Joanne is looking for her opposite. Her date, Vicky, has a fear of flying. Will their date take off or remain grounded? Capetonian drama student Samantha wants a man with a car. Mathew’s pride and joy is his ’72 Beetle. Are his wheels swanky enough for southern suburbs Samantha? Hermann and David both come from conservative, small towns. They have come to the city to find love. Love is in the air when Italian, PhD physicist Luca meets Alessia. She ticks all his boxes – Italian, smart and successful, but will this be enough to land a second date?

Durban born flight attendant Joanne is looking for her opposite. Someone to show her a different side of life. As a well-travelled flyer, she is used to some turbulence in her love life. 32-year old training manager Vicky is Joanne’s date. He has a fear of flying and has only ever been on a plane once. He has embraced the single life, as it affords him the freedom to do whatever he wants, when he wants! Their date reaches cruising altitude without any hiccups, and their shared love of the Marvel universe bodes well, but will things remain smooth or will it require an emergency exit?

22-year old drama graduate Samantha is a romantic at heart and is looking for a fairytale ending. As a Capetonian, she lives in the leafy southern suburbs. Her ideal man should have his driver’s license so he can take her places! Sports student Matthew hails from the north. He is a sports coach in the making, and his pride and joy is his 1972 VW Beetle. Their date in the swanky First Dates restaurant is a little out of his usual comfort zone, but will their shared experiences growing up as millennials pave the way to meeting again for date number 2?

45-year old business analyst Greg is a typical case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. He may be ripped and tattooed on the outside, but on the inside, he is a big softy. Extroverted school teacher Reshma is looking for a shy man who is also the protector-type. Greg arrives for their date with a small case of the flu. Feeling a tad under the weather, he is not his usual self. Reshma tries her best to make him feel better and drive the conversation. The date rests on Greg’s ability to open up and reveal the softer side of him.

School teacher Hermann is from a small town in the Free State where everyone knows each other’s business. He has come to the city to find love without the whole community giving their two cents on who he meets! Executive assistant David is also a small-town lad from an Afrikaans community. Their dating experiences couldn’t be more different but will this create communal ground or leaving them both running in the opposite direction?

PHD Physicist Luca, is a real-life Sheldon Cooper. Except he has blue eyes, curly hair and a smile that would make any woman weak at the knees. He has never had a girlfriend – a case of bad timing. His Italian heritage means that he is fluent in Italian. He has even lived there for 5 years. Alessia is also from Italian-South African stock. She has recently moved back home and is looking for a man to restore her faith in love. From the off-set, Luca and Alessia speak the same language. Literally! Their shared heritage, and generosity in sharing their respective stories, cements a bond that ignites the screen, but will it fizzle too soon, or will it lead to a lasting connection?

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