Former Isidingo actress Tema Sebopedi explains why she is still single

South African actress, Tema Sebopedi, best known for her role as bubbly and ambitious Lerato in the SABC3 soap opera Isidingo is single and looking. 

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Former Isidingo actress Tema Sebopedi has revealed in an interview with Tumi Morake on SABC 3’s WTF with Tumi, that one of the reasons she’s still single is because she has trust issues.

“I’ve got trust issues, but also, they don’t find out if they are my type…they come there with they’re steering wheels kissing the belly and I’m like: “Why are you talking to me?…but I think the fame actually attracts them and I think that’s what bothers me cause then they want to be around me, they want to show people that their around someone who’s a public figure,” – Tema told Tumi.

As quoted by Zalebs, Tema went on to say she’s looking for a man who will meet her standards.

“Anyone who’s lighter skin than me, cause I like that…God-fearing, cause I’m God fearing, good looking cause I’m good looking, patient, because I’m patient, loving cause I’m loving…I’m not gonna ask for impossible things, yes I’m a woman so I’d like to remain in the women role, you be the man, I’ll be the women…I don’t want to wear the pants, I want to be looked after…”

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