Gail Mabalane’s role cancelled because she was pregnant

Actress Gail Mabalane revealed that she was offered an acting role but the film creators cancelled her role when they discovered she was pregnant. 

In her interview with Afternoon Express, the actress shared how being pregnant affected her career and she was left confused by the incident.

“I was cast. I got the role. They called me in to just read with another actor that they were busy casting. I went in and I was about five months pregnant. I just thought out of courtesy, because you couldn’t tell that I was pregnant, I thought let me tell them.”

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The star said she couldn’t believe it that she was cast out because of this. She didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Literally the next day, my legal guy was busy going through my contract, so I had already received the contract, and they were like ‘No. Sorry. We’re just not sure. We don’t know.’ I’m not sure if it was ‘we’re not sure that you’re going to lose the weight’ but I just couldn’t believe it,” Gail explained.

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